Akash Network (AKT) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Aksah Network?

Akash Network is said to be unstoppable cloud computing blockchain based project. it claiming to provide better, high speed and low-cost cloud for different decentralized project, Decentralized Finance, companies, start-up. Akash Network recently launched first ever decentralized could computing marketplace that aim to reduce cost for consumer and maximize revenue for providers.

In simple words Akash network focusing on transparency, usability, flexibility between cloud provider and consumer. Network wanted create ideal platform that will optimize cloud services to reduce cost and eliminate waste in current market. Akash will be having serverless computing that means they will have word first supercloud services provider that enable everyone to become cloud provider. Akash network with serverless computing will reduce cost of cloud by almost 10x as compare to existing cloud providers.

Akash network will be implemented proof of stake consensus model that will ensure sybil resistance mechanism. It will have interoperable PoS Blockchain that will have high performance RPC layer with multi-language libraries and bi-directional streaming. Akash will cost low as $0.0045 USD and at same time other cloud provider will cost around $0.036 to $0.054 USD.

Akash Network Price Prediction

Month & YearAKT Price Prediction
November 2020$0.7600
December 2020$1.1200
January 2021$1.4250
February 2021$1.6700
March 2021$1.7250
April 2021$1.9100
May 2021$1.7750
June 2021$2.0600
July 2021$2.1350
August 2021$1.9950
September 2021$2.2800
October 2021$2.4400
November 2021$2.6050
December 2021$2.4600
January 2022$2.6900
February 2022$2.7800
March 2022$2.5600
April 2022$2.9450
May 2022$3.0750
June 2022$3.1800
July 2022$2.9950
August 2022$3.1700
September 2022$3.3350
October 2022$3.4450
November 2022$3.7200
December 2022$3.4750
January 2025$3.6700
March 2025$3.9000
May 2025$4.0600
July 2025$5.9450
October 2025$5.8900
Decemeber 2025$6.1150
January 2030$6.7150
March 2030$9.8700
May 2030$10.0600
July 2030$9.8450
October 2030$9.9900
December 2030$10.5600

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Akash Network Overview

Project nameAkash Network
Ticker SymbolAKT
Total Supply100,000,000
Official websiteAkash.network
Based onCloud Computing
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBitmax
WalletBitmax Wallet

AKT ICO Overview

Platform usedBitmax
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
ICO Price$0.35 USD
PartnersCosmos, Solana, Packet, coil, Interledger, tendermint, openfaas, polyverse, SNZ, kava, interchain, Hone, PeopleFund, Outpost capital, Tuesday, Alphablock, Dokia capital, DACM, TRG capital, Sikka, Forbole, Chainlayer, Age, Kano.one.
Akash Network Price Prediction

AKT Price Analysis

AKT is native token of Akash network that will be available for trading on different platform. AKT also offered for staking that will unlock for rewards and also maintain ecosystem and network. Akash partner with Bitmax for promoting IEO of AKT token with auction. Bitmax promoting AKT sale where user need to complete KYC for participation on sale. AKT IEO price will be $0.35 USD and after listing it will start fluctuating and will list on different platform. AKT token holder can become validator that means they will be eligible for block rewards. AKT also key token for transaction on marketplace where consumer and provider will use AKT as transaction medium that keeps fluctuation in price.


How much AKT worth in 2030?

Expected to cross $20 USD.

Is Akash Network a good investment?

Yes, considering scope of cloud computing in future this project may keep fetching more market volume.


Recent survey about cloud computing market that about that nearly worth in billion and it may cross trillion mark in 2022. Cloud computing had issues with control of central entity but Akash network with blockchain technology will be offer good and transparent solution. Akash Network with decentralized marketplace where provide and consumer will be connected that will operated by user itself who own AKT token. all major decision and upgradation will be followed by voting system by community only and that will bring fair decision making. So, considering future of cloud computing then akash network can be key project.

Akash Network Rating