Augur (REP) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

Augur project of Prediction market and oracle backed by trust-less decentralized Blockchain platform. In the prediction market Augur allows user to make analysis and get speculate future outcomes. It’s really interesting project where If your forecast is true then you will win money and if you lose then you probably lose some bucks. The specialty of ecosystem is they precisely done analysis before any prediction made live or serve to public.

REP is token uses Augur which derived from world Reputation. This token much needed to be stake for serving, users in the market, which means predictor or creator of outcomes need to pay in the form payout, the most important part of determine outcome is carried out in Oracle. The all process followed four different aspect such as starting from creation, trading, reporting and then Settlement.

Augur v2 announced going to launched on 28th July 2020, version 2 will introduced new token i.e. REPV2, however migration will be begin of REP to REPV2. August V2 will be deployed on Ethereum Network and going to launch Augur UI and prepare integration with uniswap v2.

Augur Price Prediction

Month & YearREP Price Prediction
September 2020$22.559
October 2020$26.284
November 2020$24.421
December 2020$25.870
January 2021$30.009
February 2021$31.872
March 2021$27.319
April 2021$34.562
May 2021$35.804
June 2021$38.701
July 2021$32.286
August 2021$39.115
September 2021$45.738
October 2021$48.014
November 2021$44.082
December 2021$55.258
January 2022$60.639
February 2022$69.124
March 2022$75.126
April 2022$69.745
May 2022$79.679
June 2022$76.368
July 2022$48.014
August 2022$49.463
September 2022$52.982
October 2022$56.914
November 2022$57.535
December 2022$59.397
January 2025$163.291
April 2025$161.014
July 2025$170.327
October 2025$195.162
Decemeber 2025$180.882
January 2030$274.014
April 2030$292.226
July 2030$283.327
October 2030$283.327
December 2030$312.922

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Augur Price Analysis

$17.47 is best price of 2020 so far, as of writing on May 2020. The new year really changed momentum for cryptocurrency. the last night Bitcoin Halving successfully carried out. The prediction market response or creator prediction was seen in huge number. The most common forecast made by user on platform is all altcoin will go bullish in upcoming days. The first day after Halving is stable no big spike seen till now. But Augur with 10% growth in single with hitting $13.20 USD mark. year 2019, REP prices cross $20 USD mark and hits $24.08 USD. now question will this happen in 2020 year also, the probability of crossing $20 USD mark more, as even in if corona virus causes economy dropped and minimized small investor, but still Prediction market is still stable and getting stable response from predictors. Augur gained 41th rank on highest market cap list by beating Theta, ICON and Qtum.

Augur Price Prediction

Augur Overview

Project nameAugur
Ticker SymbolREP
Based onHard fork Ethereum Blockchain version
Total Supply11 million
All-time best$99.80 USD
Launched inMarch 2015
Ranking by coin market cap#41
Trading/Exchange PlatformBitmart, Coinbase Pro, Omgfin, Bithumb, LATOKEN, Binance, Exrates, HitBTC, CoinEx, VinDAX, UniSwap, Upbit,Kraken, Bibox, CoinBene.

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REP ICO Overview

Platform usedREP
Raised byNA
Date of ICO14 august 2015
ICO Price$0.60 USD
PartnersBlitzPredict, airbitz, IDEO, Jaxx, Binance, microsoft, Essex Minerals

Since last dropped occur, where prices dropped to $6.62 USD, now comparing with today price, then its increased by almost 2X. the possible reason behind Augur going bullish, the most of stock market is down, as per latest search report by google trends indicate big spike in percentage of searches. In most of time prediction made on Augur platform are closed to the actual figure. The Augur is based on Ethereum blockchain and also one of the top blockchain based platform ever. They also running sports-based Betting Veil, Guesser and many more, in which they cover different sports. The sports prediction also one of the most used platforms in the world.

Controversies always mode for augur Coin in past, as there are lots of people failed to predict outcomes, as they must of one who creating. The community of augur always in talking for making wrong call initial, as later it was fixed by going deep into the matter. This platform is not censored by government, as we know prediction consider similar as gambling. So most of government apposes this platform in terms of legality. But still platform backed by most of expert predictor, as their opinion always flashes before user made their outcome.

On the platform Bitcoin and Eth are accepted to participate in prediction contest. Augur initial known as hard fork version of Ethereum. As first it was occurred in March 2015 and then it got listed on coin market cap in 2015. The price of augur while launched was $1.53 USD. during 2017-18, where all crypto on the moon, REP coin reaches to its all-time high price by reaching $99.80 USD, in which prices 20 cent away from reaching $100 Resistance level. So, now of you wanted know, when will Augur go to moon and reach $100 USD. the time where Augur about to hit $100 USD was different, because suddenly billion of people invested in crypto world, but comparing with today condition now things are stablished. The number of investors is consistent at this level. The most of perfect time to reaching that figure will in 2030 or even in 2027.


Can REP Reach $25 USD?

Yes, Probably after 2025.

How Much REP Worth in 2030?

Expected to Cross $30 USD mark.

Is Augur a Good Investment?

Yes, Try to buy before V2 Launch.


Augur with update of network will remove limit on betting and more feature and integration will be added in future. however, since march 2020 Augur following bullish trend and looking at update it continue to rise because token swap also happening soon.

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