Baby Doge Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Baby Doge Coin?

Baby Doge Coin is son of Dogecoin meme coin that launched in June 2021. BabyDoge is fully decentralized that launch with mission of helping dogs in need with charity program. Project is live on Binance Smart Chain network following 10x better performance than Dogecoin. Baby Doge with faster transaction speed and cute nature aiming to gain attention from his father.

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Baby Doge is hyper deflationary uses integrated smart staking system that automatically added rewards to user’s wallet. every user needs to set price slippage to 12%. This 12% collected as tax for every trade, as 5% added to liquidity and 5% redistributed to users. every user can see their balance of doge coin growing as per number of transactions completed on decentralized exchange pancakeswap.

Baby Doge complete huge token burn program after listing, as per officials 29% already burned i.e., transferred to dead wallet. Baby Doge roadmap sets for 6 phases in that audit, number of token holder, CEX listing, donation and other major plans schedule. Project will be creating charity wallet, as they already complete first donation program with help of Paws with Cause.

Baby Doge Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearBabyDoge Price Prediction
August 2021$0.00000000
September 2021$0.00000001
October 2021$0.00000001
November 2021$0.00000001
December 2021$0.00000001
January 2022$0.00000001
February 2022$0.00000001
March 2022$0.00000002
April 2022$0.00000002
May 2022$0.00000003
June 2022$0.00000002
July 2022$0.00000003
August 2022$0.00000003
September 2022$0.00000004
October 2022$0.00000003
November 2022$0.00000003
December 2022$0.00000004
March 2023$0.00000004
June 2023$0.00000004
September 2023$0.00000004
January 2025$0.00000009
March 2025$0.00000008
May 2025$0.00000009
July 2025$0.00000008
September 2025$0.00000009
October 2025$0.00000009
Decemeber 2025$0.00000010
January 2030$0.00000017
March 2030$0.00000018
May 2030$0.00000020
July 2030$0.00000021
September 2030$0.00000019
December 2030$0.00000021

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Baby Doge Coin Overview

Project nameBaby Doge Coin
Ticker SymbolBabydoge
Total Supply420,000,000,000,000,000
Based onMeme
Launched year2021
Supported ChainBSC
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet

BabyDoge Coin Price Analysis

Baby Doge coin accidently or with purpose mentioned by Elon Musk after his tweet token surged by 180% and project enter into top trending project on coingecko and CMC. Baby Doge market volume see huge jump following tweet and community also very close to hit 100k member. However, one more tweet related to Baby Doge could help this project to enter into top 300 list in market cap. Baby doge likely to follow same path as Shiba inu, where token possibly listed on top centralized exchange like Binance and Coinbase pro. Baby Doge performance in bear market is still remarkable and it gaining attention from investor.

Baby Doge Coin Price Prediction


Most of meme coin has influence of Elon musk, as what ever he tweeted become new project and project who already existed sees growth in price. similarly, Baby Doge Coin is highly depended on community and Elon musk tweet, as he continues to pump dogecoin but investor looking for meme coin whose price relatively low as compare to dogecoin. Before investing this type of project investor need to do research, as it refers to high risk and high return. investor can also follow strategy of quick return for that follow elon musk twitter. Project soon to complete third party audit and after completing contract audit Baby doge may list on top exchanges.

We do categorized this kind of projects as “High Risk and High Return” kind of crypto projects. So you should only invest money(in case if you decided on your own with help of finance advisor) which you can afford lose all of it.

Baby Doge Coin Rating