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BAT Coin

Basic Attention Token had really great run till now and expected to do better in future because investor almost traded 97% of total Supply of BAT Token, as reason behind this is if we see run of BAT cryptocurrency then we could see prices are keeps fluctuating with average percentage of 82%, as this fluctuating price was seen in the year of 2018 and 2019, which was seen in diaster period of cryptocurrency world, as we compare Basic Attention Token to other top coins such as Bitcoin, Etheruem, Ripple and many more then we could see much difference because most of these coins were continuously dropping with huge percentage in prices and also losing huge money from market cap value and this happening just because of rapid drop in number of investors but in other hand BAT Coin Supply was always traded least over 80%.

BAT Coin Price Prediction

BAT Price Prediction 2020

As following year-end BAT was little bit struggling because from November 2019 to December 2019, BAT was dropped from $0.22 USD to $0.17 USD, but still by maintaining current form BAT again started hiking with average 4.5% of per day growth it again about to reach $0.30 USD mark in just 1.5 month of time interval marking from end of December 2019 to Beginning of February 2019 with 79% of growth, with this BAT have 53% per month growth and this will enough to steal investor or get their attention, as Prediction for 2020 will be different and this time picking right figure is really hard because we have seen different cryptocurrency market shakeup since day one of new year i.e. 2020 and many top predictors back in 2018 was pretty sure about success of cryptocurrency in 2020 and also said that crypto who has rapid ups & downs in prices will be getting more attention no matter it’s ranking of market cap value.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
March 2020 $0.41 USD
April 2020 $0.35 USD
May 2020 $0.43. USD
June 2020 $0.37 USD
July 2020 $0.24 USD
August 2020 $0.20 USD
September 2020 $0.39 USD
October 2020 $0.46 USD
November 2020 $0.51 USD
December 2020 $0.54 USD

BAT Price Prediction

Basic Attention Token chosen right path of technology where they giving support to improving advertisement network and also involve in transaction via token of Advertiser and publisher, as we know there are lots of Ads network in that Google is most popular network ever and nowadays there are different payment method are launched which is some times not that much safer so with this initiative they will have great future because the number of publisher and advertiser are rapidly increasing as per requirement so if they use BAT as mode transfer then their prices keep fluctuating forever which is only main thing where investor get attracted so these things are automatically handled by their product, so giving huge BAT Price Prediction will be more preferable and reliable to see.  

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According to above prediction BAT will be crossing $0.50 USD mark, so considering if investor purchased 1000 BAT coin at $0.20 USD and sell it at $0.50 USD then investor will get $1499 USD in that $500 will be profit which is still better after looking at current market, as BAT has great foundation team in which they have founder of Java Script Langauge, co-founder of Mozilla & Firefox and powered with Ethereum Blockchain network they consistent in improving technology and privacy, as they have launched new browser name Brave browser which is more secure than another browser available in market with key features such as blockchain malware containing website and app and in that browser they have ledger which can give reward to publisher and this rewards will be paying out by BAT Token, so this will be great combination, so no of increasing number of browser user it automatically increase transaction under BAT Cryptocurrency.

BAT Wiki             

Cryptocurrency Name Basic Attention Token
Ticker Symbol BAT
Platfrom Ethereum Blockchain
Date of Established 1 June 2017
Official website
Info Digital Advertisement Network
Ranking by Market Cap Value 30*
Maximum Supply 1,500,000,000 BAT

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