Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020, 2025 Forecast

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction

The hard fork version from Bitcoin Family getting huge success after Bitcoin cash, showing good growth in price, as after March 2018 BCD coin showing average price of $2.2 USD because of which it started losing investor but because looking forward success of Bitcoin Cash many investor HODL because of which only 5 to 7% of Total Supply is available for trading & mining, so now talking about growth since launched then they failed to impress investor who brought BCD at the beginning, as per report BCD was launched in November 2018 with price $61.71 USD Price and in just two days with 49.18% peak rate it reaches to all-time highest by crossing $90 USD and now BCD has $91.71 USD is the best price till now after this BCD facing downfall and after maintaining price till January 2018, it almost reaches lowest price of $2.1 USD.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediction 2018

As January 2018 was awesome month for cryptocurrency world, because on this month old cryptocurrency achieve their highest price, but because of having huge launching price BCD was already suffering from loss in price but with high demand of other top coins this coin also gets small hiked in month, as BCD price rises from $30 USD to $37 USD with 23% growth observed after this in February 2018 BCD price was doing great report by maintaining price above $20 USD till end of month, but in March 2018 some bad things coming back to back in success of cryptocurrency in which all coins gets affected by losing market cap value and price as well and from March 2018 to June 2018 Bitcoin Diamond was dead and showing very low percentage of growth.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2018$4.29 USD
September 2018$6.32 USD
October 2018$7.59 USD
November 2018$8.62 USD
December 2018$6.672 USD

Note: Above report not include a price on the moon event.

BCD Price Prediction 2020

BCD gets official partnership with Themis, Kairex and other small partnership was also there along with this they launched their main net means main network in which all transaction of BCD to any currency will be done in their own network which will make their every transaction secure and private and also there will be low transaction fees, high transaction speed, so considering this in 2020 BCD is fallen into average feature cryptocurrency, so looking forward they need to launched to feature and have to work on different other technology along with security which will make them more attractive, as we know in current market there are lots of coins who having awesome technology and some of them already convert their business into crypto world in which they able to maintain transaction fluctuation which creates fluctuation in price also considering all this factor we have some value based on report of BCD price from November 2017 to July 2018.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2020$15.22 USD
February 2020$16.22 USD
March 2020$14.545 USD
April 2020$16.242 USD
May 2020$17.033 USD
June 2020$19.603 USD
July 2020$23.32 USD
August 2020$21.1 USD
September 2020$22.08 USD
November 2020$27.645 USD
December 2020$22.605 USD

Note: Above price prediction includes price of moon and crypto crash event.

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediciton

Bitcoin Diamond Price Prediciton

If current price report will continue till 2020 then above report turning out be true because BCD suffering the same percentage of growth and dropped in price, which is really average for any cryptocurrency, as many investors wanted to own coin which shows higher fluctuation, as it is very hard to predict price of future but looking at nature and with calculation above price can be easy to achieve, so if you get BCD for $3 to 5 USD and sold for more than $20 USD price then you will get 300% of profit on invested money which is really huge as compare to basic investment option with less risk.

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Bitcoin Diamond Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameBitcoin Diamond
Ticker SymbolBCD or BTCD
Total Supply156,756,875 BCD
Date of index27 November 2017
InformationHark Fork Version of Bitcoin Blockchain
End of ICO DateOctober 2017.


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