Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Bitcoin Vault?

The project under consideration since 2016 and finally after almost 4 year the concept finally debuted in 2020. The main moto behind Bitcoin Vault is to store bitcoin on-chain that allow user to recover their coins that lost due to security mistakes. Basically, it provides little extra level security i.e. having three private key structure that will replace traditional single key structure.

Bitcoin Vault providing basic feature that missing in existing system i.e. user transparency and freedom. The project quoted on official portal that they will answer all the question asked by community for coin to provide full proof security to the user. Bitcoin Vault is good alternative for existing wallets in terms security and it is now available for Window, Linus, MacOS and Android Devices.

BTCV is native token of Bitcoin Vault, however it is said to be world’s first ever blockchain that adapts decentralized digital mining standard (DDMS) operared by World Digital Mining Organization. however, BTCV is live for trading as per schedule for Bitcoin Vault roadmap.

Bitcoin Vault Price Prediction

Month & YearBTCV Price Prediction
September 2020$496
October 2020$578
November 2020$537
December 2020$569
January 2021$660
February 2021$701
March 2021$601
April 2021$760
May 2021$787
June 2021$851
July 2021$710
August 2021$860
September 2021$1,006
October 2021$1,056
November 2021$969
December 2021$1,215
January 2022$1,334
February 2022$1,520
March 2022$1,652
April 2022$1,534
May 2022$1,752
June 2022$1,679
July 2022$1,056
August 2022$1,088
September 2022$1,165
October 2022$1,252
November 2022$1,265
December 2022$1,306
January 2025$3,591
April 2025$3,541
July 2025$3,746
October 2025$4,292
Decemeber 2025$3,978
January 2030$6,026
April 2030$6,427
July 2030$6,231
October 2030$6,363
December 2030$6,882

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Bitcoin Vault Overview

Project nameBitcoin Vault
Ticker SymbolBTCV
Total Supply21,000,000
Based onAnti-theft Blockchain
Launched year2019
All-time high$409.95 USD
Exchange PlatformCoineal, MXC, BKEX, Lbank, Liquid, CoinBene.
WalletBitcoin Vault Wallet

How Bitcoin Vault Works?

Bitcoin Vault has anti-theft solution that delay the transaction confirmation by 24 hours, so whenever miner add transaction to the new block that automatically go to hold mode i.e. alert state and after owner confirmed transaction then only it goes to confirmed state. So, advantage of using vault is owner will get notification when their coin getting transfer to anyone and they will have 24 hours to react to transaction suppose transaction is unauthorized then they can immediately terminate it.

Vault will be having geographic distribution, as many of you know about Coinbase wallet who store 97% of bitcoin on their geographically distributed network of server. Vault provides additional premium feature like insurance and additional security. The delay of 24 hours confirmation can be changed to 10 minutes as per user demand. It also has enterprise solution for companies where CEO confirmation needed before transaction begin.

Bitcoin Vault Price Prediction

Bitcoin Vault Price Analysis

Bitcoin Vault got indexed in 26th march 2020 with average price $24.13 USD and since then it following bullish trend. BTCV in less than 4 months almost surged by 1600% and crossed almost $400 USD mark, now the price hiked is rapid and constant since its debut. The in upcoming month it could cross $500 USD mark easily with current speed. However, market cap is still not updated on CMC, but daily market reported average value of $51 million, which is really bigger than expectation.


Can BTCV Reach $1000 USD?

Yes, Probably after 2021.

How Much BTCV Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $4000 USD mark.

Is Bitcoin Vault a Good Investment?

Yes, long term HODL profitable.

Most Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Vault Wallet because it has delay confirmation time and on-chain alert that send notification to coin owner.

Bitcoin Wallet Vs Bitcoin Vault?

Bitcoin Vault is more Secure.


Bitcoin Vault is incredible concept that should be debuted early. We know there are daily report of attacks on different wallet and bitcoin address, where uses not even gets idea about their coins are stolen or got hacked. As we saw recently, Bill gates and Elon musk account got hacked to promote bitcoin hack, in that case Bitcoin Vault can save user from that hacked with their feature of 24 delay in transaction. so, basically it very simple concept that will be saving million cryptocurrencies getting hacked. Right now, we have three option to store coins and Vault will be best for long term HODL.

Bitcoin Vault Rating