Burger Swap Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Burger Swap?

In the craze of Decentralized Finance DeFi world biggest centralized trading platform Binance introduced new technology. in simple words, Burger Swap is similar function project like Uniswap but instead of Ethereum Blockchain it will be built on (BSC) Binance Smart Chain. Burger project gained popularity after unknown transfer of 1 million BNB Token to unknown wallet. Official portal claimed it is opens source Democratized automated market maker based on Binance dual-chain architecture chain.

Burger Swap solving existing Ethereum based DeFi Project, as even after UNI Token introduction people still facing problem like high gas fees and slower transaction execution, adaptation and ease of use. Binance will use smart contract running on Ethereum Virtual Machine that means it fast execution will be maintain.

Governance community of Burger Swap proposed different ideas with over 2 million tokens staked per vote. In use cases, Burger Swap feature some ideas that include APY for Staking, voting and LP. Burning of governance token to add more value for community holder and participant of ecosystem. at the end Burger Swap will bring similar DeFi Experience on Binance smart Chain.

Burger Price Prediction

Month & YearBURGER Price Prediction
November 2020$0.6737
December 2020$0.9929
January 2021$1.2632
February 2021$1.4804
March 2021$1.5292
April 2021$1.6932
May 2021$1.5735
June 2021$1.8262
July 2021$1.8926
August 2021$1.7685
September 2021$2.0212
October 2021$2.1630
November 2021$2.3093
December 2021$2.1807
January 2022$2.3846
February 2022$2.4644
March 2022$2.2694
April 2022$2.6107
May 2022$2.7259
June 2022$2.8190
July 2022$2.6550
August 2022$2.8102
September 2022$2.9564
October 2022$3.0539
November 2022$3.2977
December 2022$3.0805
January 2025$3.2534
March 2025$3.4573
May 2025$3.5991
July 2025$5.2701
October 2025$5.2214
Decemeber 2025$5.4208
January 2030$5.9527
March 2030$8.7496
May 2030$8.9180
July 2030$8.7274
October 2030$8.8560
December 2030$9.3613

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Burger Swap Overview

Project nameBurger Swap
Ticker SymbolBURGER
Total SupplyNA
Official websiteBurgerswap.org
Based onDeFi on BSC
Launched year2020
All-time high$1.57 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance
PartnerForTube, JUL Liquidity, Prometeus,
Burger Swap Price Prediction

Burger Price Analysis

Binance knows how to play mind games and with funny tweets their official twitter handler announces for Burger Swap. Binance jokingly announces that we don’t who created Burger Swap is already live on Binance Chain. Burger Swap ecosystem powered by BEP-20 Governance token, as user can use BURGER token for staking, providing mining and governance voting. BURGER after listing is about to cross $2 USD mark but after listing on CMC it dropped to $0.84 USD. As of now BURGER believe in long term price stability by gaining more investor with token reward distribution.


How much BURGER Coin Worth in 2025?

Probably cross $25 USD mark.

Is Burger Swap a Good Investment?

Yes, before you invest, Do your own research.


Burger Swap could be another breakthrough in Decentralized Finance after integration with Binance smart Chain. now, Burger Swap enable conversion of different Ethereum Blockchain based token into wrapped token on Binance Chain. so, considering popularity of Uniswap that almost overtake total coinbase trading, burger swap with better speed and lower gas fees will help investor. Now, after Sushiswap controversy is there, as people fear to invest in such project that come with lack of transparency. So, consider that Burger Swap launched with different approached and most of decision based on Community voting.

Burger Swap Rating