Burst Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What Is Burst?

Burst is Scalable, eco-friendly and adaptive blockchain project that help to save Energy consumed by the network while mining. As per study power consumption of Bitcoin mining along consume similar to the energy as Switzerland. Burst uses very unique algorithm i.e. PoC i.e. proof of capacity that ensure utilization of free space on the hard drives to backup network, so network can consume less power while mining. Basically with environment friendly network extra hardware, huge power consumption and little noise of hardware will be eliminated.

Burst is open source platform that help to connect people with companies without any middleperson for doing business, sign contracts and established communication. Burst is said to be multipurpose platform that offers Payment solutions, Token, Arbitary message, Smart contract integration, crowd funding, alias system and marketplace.

Burst project initially introduced on Bitcointalk forum by unknown user in 2014, as Burst is hard fork version of nxt platform. in 2019 team of PoCC leave the project after involving in the scandal, as that group was also in the core team of burstcoin development. however, many reports suggested to stop mining burst coin but now burst recover from that attack and also improved security.

Burst Price Prediction

Month & YearBURST Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0062
October 2020$0.0072
November 2020$0.0067
December 2020$0.0071
January 2021$0.0082
February 2021$0.0087
March 2021$0.0075
April 2021$0.0095
May 2021$0.0098
June 2021$0.0106
July 2021$0.0089
August 2021$0.0107
September 2021$0.0125
October 2021$0.0132
November 2021$0.0121
December 2021$0.0152
January 2022$0.0166
February 2022$0.0190
March 2022$0.0206
April 2022$0.0191
May 2022$0.0219
June 2022$0.0210
July 2022$0.0132
August 2022$0.0136
September 2022$0.0145
October 2022$0.0156
November 2022$0.0158
December 2022$0.0163
January 2025$0.0448
April 2025$0.0442
July 2025$0.0467
October 2025$0.0535
Decemeber 2025$0.0496
January 2030$0.0752
April 2030$0.0802
July 2030$0.0777
October 2030$0.0794
December 2030$0.0858

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Burst Overview

Project nameBurstcoin
Ticker SymbolBurst
Total Supply2,158,812,800
Official websiteBurst-coin.org
Based onMining Energy saver Blockchain
Launched year 2014
All-time high$0.130106 USD
Exchange PlatformBittrex, STEX, Upbit, Livecoin
WalletPhoenix Wallet, BurstHotWallet

Burst ICO Overview

No ICO was planned for Burst.

Burst Price Analysis

Burst Application Team (BAT) now in charge of development and running of Burst Blockchain, however this project has to be in the top 100 largest crypto list by market cap volume, but controversies and rapid attacks cause ranking drop. Now, talking about what will be the possible outcomes then we should forget about price history before 2019 and has to consider last one-year price analysis. In the price graph we could see there is small price fluctuation and pointing neutral trend. In last one-year burstcoin highest recorded price is $0.0071 USD and following bullish trend in upcoming year it could reach $0.0060 USD maximum in the upcoming 3 to 4 months.

Burst Coin Price Prediction


Can Burst Reach $0.010 USD?

Yes, expected after 2022

How Much Burstcoin Worth in 2030?

Expected to reach $0.10 USD

Is Burst a Good Investment?



Burstcoin cypherpunk said Burstcoin will survive without PoCC and started hiring new community member for further change. But burstcoin still the highly efficient and profitable cryptocurrency and core team still working to improve ecosystem. however, there is no need to bring extra component as computer and other device itself will enough to start mining.

Burstcoin Rating