Can Dogecoin Reach $1, $10, $100, $1000 USD

World richest person & owner of Tesla Elon Musk brings Dogecoin into Billion dollar worth crypto. Elon musk continue to express his love for meme based Crypto i.e., Doge and investor keeps investing in. however, investor started holding and buying more coin that drafted doge to the moon. it was started with Wall Street Bets reddit investor group has pumped Dogecoin value along with targeting two stocks also and its price jumped as high as 850%.

Since 2021, crypto market continues to have bull run, as Bitcoin breaks $20k resistance level and heading to reach $100k USD. in recent tweet popular rapper snoop dogg also joined party after tweeted picture of doge and tagging Elon musk on twitter. now we have question that “Can Dogecoin keep surging to reach $1 USD or even $1000?”

Can Dogecoin Reach $1 USD?

Lots of top expert and crypto analyst from reddit, YouTube and blogger posting about projection of Dogecoin and in that $1 USD is most common figure. as following that and our prediction we could see Doge crossing $1 USD probably after mid 2021 or in the beginning of 2022.

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Now looking at next milestone that probably $10, $100, $1000, in which $10 quite possible in next 5 to 10 year, but $100 USD and $1000 is very tough to predict that could take more 30 to 50 years from now. Doge sees huge growth in market cap volume and as per the top exchange portal Doge demand increases and more investor started holding doge in their portfolio. Dogecoin still battling for 10th position with stellar, Uniswap and Chainlink, as of writing it currently holding 8th position with 1.07 Billion totals worth.

Since February 2021 on twitter, we have been seeing #doge #dogetothemoon this hashtag continues to making in the list of trending. Elon Musk continues to teasing Dogecoin 3 times in weeks, so even if prices start dipping then one tweet is enough re-pump. as we know Elon musk has huge fan following with over 45 million active followers on twitter that must be the reason why one tweet changing momentum of DogeCoin.

Can Dogecoin Reach $1 USD

Few days Elon musk changes his twitter bio and add hashtag Bitcoin and 8th February 2021 sources confirm that $1.5 billion worth bitcoin invested by Tesla. As we know Elon Musk is following Bitcoin and he loves the technology of Blockchain and wanted to start crypto as payment. As top investing firm like Grayscale, Micro strategy also invested money in bitcoin, so after Tesla Entry Bitcoin could cross $4 Trillion worth soon.

we know Dogecoin worth depending on meme and Elon musk exactly doing same with creating memes. However, Cheems follower continue to rise so does and meme popularity also increasing at global level. So, HODL Doge will be the great deal as of now and it continue to set new ATH and probably very soon $1 will be reality. Thanks to elon musk for bringing Dogecoin back in top picture and we could see huge demand in future.