Coinbase (Coin) Stock Token Price Prediction 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Coinbase Coin?

Coinbase Stock Token with ticker symbol “Coin” launching on Binance Trading platform under Binance Stock Token category. Coinbase Coin having similar value as original Stock value in current U.S Stock market. Coinbase decided to with IPO direct listing on the Nasdaq again with ticker symbol of coin.

Coinbase Stock Token on Binance will be trading as digital coin with zero commission on trading. however, this Coinbase Coin will share similar Crtraditional economic return that include potential dividends. As per guideline except mainland china residence all other country allowed to trade this token.

Coinbase is biggest crypto Exchange or trading platform in U.S and 2nd biggest trading platform worldwide. we know most of trading platform has their own token like Binance has BNB, has CRO token that will empower respected trading platform. Coinbase with their long-term services not consider to launch their own Token. in 2020-2021, Coinbase generate profit over $1 billion worth profit and now people can actually own Coinbase Coin.

Coinbase Stock Price Prediction

Month & YearCoinbase Stock Token Price Prediction
March 2023#N/A
April 2023#N/A
May 2023#N/A
June 2023#N/A
July 2023#N/A
August 2023#N/A
September 2023#N/A
October 2023#N/A
November 2023#N/A
December 2023#N/A
January 2024#N/A
March 2024#N/A
April 2024#N/A
July 2024#N/A
October 2024#N/A
January 2025#N/A
February 2025#N/A
March 2025#N/A
April 2025#N/A
May 2025#N/A
June 2025#N/A
July 2025#N/A
August 2025#N/A
September 2025#N/A
October 2025#N/A
November 2025#N/A
Decemeber 2025#N/A
January 2030#N/A
March 2030#N/A
May 2030#N/A
July 2030#N/A
September 2030#N/A
December 2030#N/A

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Coinbase Coin Price Analysis

Coinbase Coin reference price as per report is $250 USD, however market cap could hit billion dollars in valuation. however, IPO is over subscribed with report claims that it could hit $65 billion as soon as market open. Yesterday Tokenized Tesla Stock on Binance has generated almost $6.6 million market volume and prices soars by 40% in less than 24 hours. Coin is ticker symbol of Coinbase which similar as Stock ticker symbol, as Coin/BUSD trading will open as per U.S. stock market schedule. So, as soon as market open Binance user complete order.

Coinbase Stock Token Price Prediction

How to Buy Coinbase Coin on Binance?

  • Step 1: Sign up on Binance Global Platform:
  • Step 2: Add money via Credit, Debit card or bank transfer.
  • Step 3: purchase BUSD using USD or whatever currency you added into wallet.
  • Step 4: Visit Separate Section Binance Stock Token and just place order.
  • Step 5: to place order you need to enter in BUSD i.e., equal to USD.
  • Step 6: press buy now Button & once order fill you can check Coin balance under wallet tab.


Is Coinbase Coin is Good Investment?

Yes, Tokenized Stock is future for stock market and it is available on biggest trading platform it definitely helps to attract more investor outside USA.


We know Coinbase and Binance dominating crypto trading and exchange in current market. both platforms handle billion worth transaction on daily basis and both of them only listed trusted Crypto project, where they have enough market cap and other qualifying criteria. So, Coinbase listing on Binance could benefit both as same time because coinbase Token will be traded all over world and Binance will see huge growth in new signups. Many crypto investors waited long for launch of Coinbase Exchange token to gain benefit from Trading platform. but as of now Coinbase Coin will offer rewards in the form of dividend that means profit share or bonus from company from their profit.

Coinbase Coin Rating