Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

Cosmos is designed to provide foundation to inter-connect global token Economy, to Build custom Blockchain cosmos provides communication protocol, Tendermint Core and software development kit. Cosmos launched its product name Cosmos SDK gives freedom to create their own Blockchain which can be used to create their own Token, as created Blockchain can be modified user with secure framework and there will one chain for per Application.

Cosmos Hub under SDK provides latest technology like BFT Consensus, Proof of Stake and on-chain Governance, it also help to connect other Blockchain application and other cryptocurrencies. This interconnectivity will help to transfer data with high speed and this will give power to produced Open finance, Prediction market, Real Estate, Healthcare and international payment.

Cosmos Price Prediction

Cosmos was listed on in May 2019 with starting price $7 USD but immediately after launching it was dropped by over 45% and then fluctuation in price started but failed to reach its all-time highest in last 1 year, as cosmos may failed to show huge growth in price, but due its technology and freedom to do experiment with blockchain started adding good worth to its market cap value, following growth in market cap Cosmos get huge ranking hiked by defeating one of the most advanced and vintage cryptocurrencies such as NEM Zcash and IOTA, as talking about prediction this cryptocurrency not that much popular for investment as compare to other top cryptocurrency because its age as cosmos was almost complete 1 year of and that why cosmos is being stable with price graph

Cosmos Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction of Month
June 2020$5.5 USD
July 2020$6.3 USD
August 2020$4.2 USD
September 2020$7.8 USD
October 2020$9.6 USD
November 2020$10.09 USD
December 2020$8.56 USD
Note: $10 USD most expected Prediction for 2020.

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the most obvious reason of Cosmos crossing $10 USD price in 2020 year is nothing but its market cap supply, as over 80% of ATOM Supply is almost traded users and if number of user continuously growing with same speed then in 4 to 5 months Supply may go out of stock and this can create huge buzz in price where prices will hiked with over 50%. Cosmos SDK is one of the most used Blockchain application creating platform where one the most efficient project is developed i.e. Binance DEX, where it uses Tendermint Consensus, P2P network logic and different function of Cosmos SDK, along with there is other partner includes i.e. Data chain, Theta token, Loom Network, IRIS, Foam, Omisego, Oracle International Corporation.

ATOM Price Prediction 2021

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction in USD
January 2021$10.24 USD
February 2021$9.53 USD
March 2021$6.34 USD
April 2021$8.45 USD
May 2021$9.098 USD
June 2021$10.45 USD
July 2021$13.67 USD
August 2021$15.8 USD
September 2021$16.73 USD
October 2021$12.6 USD
November 2021$10.85 USD
December 2021$14.78 USD
Note: Probability of crossing $15 USD mark in 2021.Note: Probability of crossing $15 USD mark in 2021.

ATOM is listed on various trading exchange including Binance, Bitforex, Hotbit, LATOKEN, BHEX, MXC, Hotbit, OKEx and Bilaxy Is more widely used, the daily average transaction takes place in network is over $150 million.

Cosmos Price Prediction

Basically Cosmos aim to be internet of Blockchain and with help of Zones they will connect top cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as right now daily new cryptocurrency launching and using Cosmos as platform to get application resources will also help this cryptocurrency grow in future time and will be one of the most successfully cryptocurrency, as in market there many Blockchain companies who providing same platform with different technology, but Scalability, Ease of Use and Sovereignty is the reason why cosmos is unique and different, still most popular competitor are Cardano, Komodo, Wanchain, Ark and Aion.

Forecast for 2025 & 2030

Continue trends since 2017 in which it got huge response in ICO where it manages to get over $20 Million worth market cap value with per ATOM value was $0.1 USD, but still Cosmos almost takes 2 years to get listed on, as talking about future forecast for upcoming 5 to 10 year almost, Cosmos should cross $50 USD in year 2030 and half 2030 prediction, which means it should be fluctuating in the range of $20 to $25 USD in 2025. As they need to build more partnership in 2020 and also promote new project which is launched in their network, so their market value will attract more developer in the project of cosmos.

How Much Cosmos worth in 2025?

Ans: $25 highest.

Will ATOM Coin Reach $100?

Ans: maybe takes more than 10 years.

Will ATOM Coin Reach $10?

Ans: yes, probably in 2020 or beginning of 2021.

Cosmos Wiki

Project NameCosmos
Ticker SymbolATOM
Ranking in Coinmarketcap.com24
Total Supply237,928,231 ATOM
Based onInternet of Blockchain
TechnologyCosmos Network Digital Ledger
All-time Highest$8.31
Trading PlatformBinance, OKEx, Bitforex, Hotbit, MXC
Note: Above value will be updated soon.

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