Coti Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Forecast Till $1

What is Coti?

Coti aims to build Scalable network where transaction can be takes place using single unified currency, as they believe payment since last 20 year are still same, so Coti will bring next generation currency and payment platform based on Delegated proof of stake and that can help Coti to bring fastest, more scalable network.

Originally Coti is software company who created base protocol i.e. Trustchain that track behaviour of network and first industry to test this protocol they have choose payment industry, which worth 50 trillion dollar and network rewards to honest and transacting person for that network build incentive system model.

Coti network is created by most experience team from different department including banking, Blockchain and payment. To create base protocol, they have use MultiDAG infrastructure and this will help to create decentralized platform, that will be fraud-resistant and disruptive to be implemented into existing payment infrastructure. Coti will be called as currency of internet.

Coti Price Prediction

Month & YearCOTI Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0549
October 2020$0.0640
November 2020$0.0594
December 2020$0.0629
January 2021$0.0730
February 2021$0.0775
March 2021$0.0665
April 2021$0.0841
May 2021$0.0871
June 2021$0.0942
July 2021$0.0786
August 2021$0.0952
September 2021$0.1113
October 2021$0.1168
November 2021$0.1073
December 2021$0.1345
January 2022$0.1475
February 2022$0.1682
March 2022$0.1828
April 2022$0.1697
May 2022$0.1939
June 2022$0.1858
July 2022$0.1168
August 2022$0.1204
September 2022$0.1289
October 2022$0.1385
November 2022$0.1400
December 2022$0.1445
January 2025$0.3973
April 2025$0.3918
July 2025$0.4144
October 2025$0.4749
Decemeber 2025$0.4401
January 2030$0.6667
April 2030$0.7110
July 2030$0.6894
October 2030$0.7040
December 2030$0.7614

Coti Overview

Project nameCoti
Ticker SymbolCOTI
Total Supply2,000,000,000 COTI
Based ondPoS ERC-20 Blockchain
Listed on coin market capJune 2019
All time high0.12 USD
Trading PlatformKucoin, Binance, BitMax, Bithumb Global, coinbit, IDEX,
WalletCoti Wallet, Atomic Wallet

Coti Price Analysis

Network already introduced staking new version which will run on version 2.0 and also, they have established big partnership including Cardano Foundation, Chainlink, Celsius Network, Fantom, Simplex, constellation and Recruit. Coti was launched with price $0.092 USD and then immediately following ICO response, coin reaches to all-time high price i.e. $0.12 USD. But after this point, Coti’s good run starts turning into disaster, where in the less than 7 months Coti was almost dropped by 93%, but that was not bother Coti, because after Q2 2019 almost all cryptos was falling and that period was term as crypto crash, but 2020 year bring market back to the track, where Bitcoin almost about to reach $7k USD in February, similar Coti also showing some growth in prices, in which price change from 0.0085 USD to 0.030 USD with 252%.

As per google trends recent report since last 1 month, searches for Coti is rapidly increasing, as some other newly launched coins such Orchid and Hive coin having more search percentage, but talking about crypto who not in the list of top 200 list, Coti popularity is pretty impressive and better performance could increase interest user into real investor.

ERC-20 token is allowed to create more scalable network and that why Coti chooses this token, the IEO on Kucoin was ended in June 2019 with raising $11 million market cap value, the token price was $0.021 USD, so people Holding Coti since ICO earn good ROI after the listing. The plus point of Coti network is to allowing create merchant or business to create their own payment option, as network already charging less transaction fees for every payment, so till now more than 5k business create their own payment platform in which buyer and seller make transaction under Coti and other integrated payment option and to provide safety they provide protection to buyer and seller and also added KYC compulsory to reduced frauds and false payments.

Coti Price Prediction

Along with creating payment solution, they also introduced Coti Pay which offers debit cards, user wallet to store Coti coin, Point of Sale and integration, as this innovation already gets approval license in Estonia and people are started exchanging with stable coin, fiat currency.

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The main key feature Coti focusing on.

  1. Scalability
  2. Speed and consistency
  3. Complexity
  4. Volatility
  5. Legality
  6. Fungibility
  7. Immutability
  8. Third party vulnerabilities.

Network wanted bring ease of payment and for that they also developed Coti-X that gives access to market, where fiat currency and range of digital pairs are available, as after network will enable liquidity, which enable cross-currency payments and freedom to transferring their one currency into another without any complication.

So overall Coti is providing all one solution for merchant, business, individual investor, Crypto Holder and many different users without knowledge of coding and languages, so their approx. to combining multi-currency into one coin makes sense and this concept will get recognition in upcoming days and will be one of the best Payment platform in Digital world.

after the announcement of Staking 2.0 over 200M Coti coins requested for staking, as advanced node will be added by Veruien the first testnet operator and node will be live on 1st may 2020. Early registration currently closed but normal registration is still open.


Will Coti Reach $1 USD?

yes, Expected in 2025

When will Coti Coin Cross $10 USD mark?

Ans: 2040 (Expected).

How Much Coti Worth in 2030?

Ans: $5 USD.

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