Dash Price Prediction 2020 Till $500, $1000 USD

Dash Price Prediction

Dash dominating cryptocurrency chart with over 50% growth in just 3 days and also crossed long-awaited mark of $100 USD mark, as New year is really going well for most of the coins because since 1st of January 2020 surge with 200+% and reason behind this sudden growth clearly indicating there will be price on the moon is coming soon, so what does makes dash very different then there are lots of things where dash is better than Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Litecoin and i.e. instant settled and immediate respond to transaction with very low transaction sub cent fees of $0.0006 USD and to give risk-free transaction dash has chain locks along with optional privacy at protocol level name private send, which help in mitigation attack by 51%, so all this best technology making dash stronger in market cap race and will help to dominate chart in 2020.

Dash Price Prediction

Dash Price Prediction

Dash Price Prediction 2020

In 2020 Dash is consistently going up and already crossed $100 USD mark on 15th January 2019 by reaching price $115.20 USD which means as we compare price of 31st December 2019 the dash almost shown growth 173.8% and along with this Dash also reaches all-time highest of January 2020 with price $136 USD in which it marks 223.80% growth rate, which means if you invest 100$ USD at beginning of 2020 and then sold on 19 December then you will get $228 USD means $118 USD total profit which is again more than double, so looking at maximum supply in which more than 50% supply is still to mine, so there is no shortage and if miner keep choosing dash over other top coins in then 2020 will be the year of dash coin and hopefully, Dash will easily enter into top 7 cryptocurrency sorted by market cap value.

Month & YearPrice Prediction 2020
February 2020$125 USD
March 2020$145 USD
April 2020$168 USD
May 2020$152 USD
June 2020$122 USD
July 2020$144 USD
August 2020$166 USD
September 2020$187 USD
October 2020$194 USD
November 2020$220 USD
December 2020$260 USD

Note: above prediction set according to previous year performance including ups & down.

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So many people wondering about pumping and dumping was happening with Dash by some of the investors, but there are fewer chances while considering Dash, as dash till end of 2019 was one the cryptocurrency who continuously dropping with constant percentage, as we know Dash already reached $1600 USD which is all-time highest till now and that happens almost 3 years back i.e. December 2017 and this was the time cryptocurrency price on the moon and growing with huge percentage which around over 1000%, so comparing this with current situation then it nearly impossible to reach again. So after dropping almost for 3 years it is the right time to invest in-dash coin and will surely give you a profit of over 500%.

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