Efinity (EFI) Token Price Prediction 2022, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Efinity?

Efinity is next generation blockchain project that aim empower NFTs i.e., non-Fungible-token, Digital assets and collectibles. Efinity is developed by kickstarter of NFT revolution and ERC-1155 Token standard creator Enjin Blockchain. Enjin originally developed on Ethereum blockchain and expanding vision to create scalable, decentralized and cross-chain network, they have decided to introduce Efinity. Search of business and developer for platform that gives developer friendly NFT experience is ending.

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Efinity built on Polkadot network to open window for multi-chain NFT vision and project will have independent data, state and economic framework. Polkadot will help to create NFT Web 3.0 infrastructure with maintaining feature like Low transaction, faster transaction and security. currently, existing infrastructure causing many problems to developers, as they have to work with high fees, non-flexible smart contract and zero interoperability.

In Era of NFT there is no incentives program for actual user, as users earning restricted to price fluctuation. In order to tackle this problem, Efinity propose new feature NFT highway which will eliminate general computing blockchain network to shift focus on token creation, transfer and purchase. Efinity having hub for all fungible and non-fungile token that will accept different multi-chain paratoken.

Efinity Price Prediction

Month & YearEFI Price Prediction
August 2021$1.00
September 2021$1.86
October 2021$2.10
November 2021$2.26
December 2021$2.58
January 2022$3.47
February 2022$3.74
March 2022$5.70
April 2022$6.72
May 2022$7.86
June 2022$7.32
July 2022$9.12
August 2022$9.78
September 2022$10.92
October 2022$8.70
November 2022$10.38
December 2022$12.30
March 2023$10.98
June 2023$11.70
September 2023$13.20
January 2025$27.06
March 2025$24.72
May 2025$26.52
July 2025$23.46
September 2025$27.18
October 2025$28.08
Decemeber 2025$29.52
January 2030$52.32
March 2030$55.44
May 2030$60.24
July 2030$62.52
September 2030$57.72
December 2030$64.50

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Efinity Overview

Project nameEfinity
Ticker SymbolEFI
Total Supply2,000,000,000
Official websiteEfinity.io
Based onNFT
Launched year2021
Supported chainEthereum, Polkadot
Exchange PlatformNA

EFI ICO Overview

Platform usedCoinlist
Raised byNA
Date of ICO24th June 2021
ICO Price$0.20 USD
PartnersCrypto.com Capital, DFG, Hashed

EFI Price Analysis

EFI i.e., Efinity token will fuel cross-chain NFT network of Efinity, as token will be used to pay transaction fees on the platform. in the beginning of 2021, EFI Token launched and following that Efinity raised $18.9 million marketcap in private sale. Efinity public sale will be hosted on Coinlist exchange. in public sale 100 million supply will be available for distribution and ICO price is $0.20 USD. previously many Coinlist hosted token sale has gained huge response form investor and similarly Efinity token sold out in few hours.

Efinity Price Prediction

EFI token holder will get participation in governance process, that will give opportunity enter into debate via voting. EFI Token holder can stake their token to earn rewards or enter into incentive program.


Will EFI Token hit $10?

Supply is limited that means $10 possible after 2021.

Is Efinity a Good Investment?

Staking and incentive program will attract more investor into project, so long term EFI HODL will be good choice.


2021 is breakout year of NFT, Digital collectible or assets which are innovating with Blockchain technology. we know Engin pioneering vision of non-fungible token where user can perform various NFT based operation include trading, development, monetizing and marketing. Efinity developed was started with vision of producing physical NFT for which Enjin joined hands with Uniqly. Efinity could be biggest blockchain project under NFT category and could stand in top 300 list by marketcap volume. we know NFT is future of storing asset and focusing on physical NFT, Efinity definitely gets more response from users.

Efinity Rating