Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Forecast

Electroneum is mobile friendly cryptocurrency launched in 2017 via Initial coin offering. The idea behind bringing Electroneum in crypto market to make mining easy for everyone. In during peak period for cryptocurrency in 2017 and 2018 mining mostly done using GPU and computer, that time no one was working on creating mobile mining without use of special hardware. The Mobile app has more than 2.4 million registered users with freedom of spending ETN in more than 140 countries. Till now more than 1 million mobile top ups completed using ETN Token.

Electroneum technical overview

Blockchain used by Electroneum is based on Monero Blockchain to all transaction, reason behind choosing Monero codebase to bring higher privacy in network. Electroneum was already eliminated proof of work mechanism in early 2018 to improve mining, as they also offer CPU power mining powered by special software provided by network.

History and statistic.

Electroneum is first ever British cryptocurrency and during ICO it was raised by $40 million, now they have $53 million market cap worth. The maximum supply available for distribution is around 21 billion ETN. Now days their official app allow user to earn ETB token by doing simple tasks offered by daily basis, as they have platform for digital product seller in which using ETN they can do any payments. As we mentioned above ETN can used in many different countries, in which this token can be used to do basic mobile reaches, digital and retail payments. As every payment you done will get special rewards in which you receive up to $3 USD worth ETN every month.

Richard Ells and team founded electroneum in 2016 who was professional tech entrepreneur, who takes help from co-founder of Blockchain technology, as team wanted to create more mobile based cryptocurrency, as the working of their personal blockchain is little bit different from original blockchain. it uses only two decimal number to encourage adoption rates and makes transaction easy to make and understand by users.

How Mining Works in Electroneum

Electroneum have created mobile app for mining ETN coin, which available for apple and android phones. To mine cryptocurrency user just need to install application and by just running at background your will start and in this you require any technical knowledge, as to be honest with people they already stated that mining takes little bandwidth, as you can run in on any 3G or 4G network. Basically, you need to have wi-fi or any unlimited internet scheme to turn on mining 24/7.

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Electroneum product overview

Unlike other cryptocurrency Electroneum having their own mobile apps and four other application including Anytask for selling digital product, Electroneum M1- the affordable android smartphone, task school to create new task for users and ETN Everywhere to launch corporate market place. So, with offering different way to earn ETN and HODL in official App, they do not recommend uses any third-party wallet and application.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2020

Today, ETN hiked by 34% to reach $0.0052 USD and also enter into top 100 largest digital currency. finally hype of Bitcoin halving officially over and now Electroneum taking place in most talked topic in May 2020, but traders more interested to seeing forecast of this cryptocurrency. Electroneum in 2020 chasing previous year’s best figure but just short by $0.0010 USD, so following the momentum they got this year the chances of going bullish is more. as right now mining become more difficult now, so Electroneum expected get more response in future, as we will seeing this coin can reach $0.020 USD in December 2020. Before reaching this figure, we can see another drop in price graph and that may also impact on ranking, in where again electroneum loses position from top 100 list.

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction of Month
June 2020$0.0062 USD
July 2020$0.0042 USD
August 2020$0.0037 USD
September 2020$0.0047 USD
October 2020$0.0089 USD
November 2020$0.00102 USD
December 2020$0.00203 USD

Looking at price history, in 2017-2018 crypto suddenly gets million of users in just one month, that time it reaches to all time highest by reaching $0.23 USD. from that price moon period Electroneum continuously falling down, as it doesn’t matter because along with this altcoin other also dropped with same percentage. The ranking really always not in the favour of Electroneum, as this crypto always beaten by new project and gets less attention, as right now they have new competition in market with Pi Network which currently having no value, but amount they distributing to user is really huge. The number of PI Coin holder are in million in number, they completed 6 million application download in total. So Electroneum may be getting tough fight by this newly introduced network once they launched mainnet.

Electroneum Price Prediction

They team had great potential to outshine in future and innovate mining feature in future and try to available in most of different device, as so far they already in the top 10 mining tool provider and in future they might gets more mobile developer partnership, as newly launched phone has better processor and RAM which giving better performance than low cost laptops and computer.

FAQ For Electroneum

  • Is Electroneum best for Investment?

Ans: Yes, but do not expect higher ROI.

  • Can ETN Coin Reach $1?

Ans: maybe in 2027.

  • How Much Electroneum worth in 2030?

Ans: approx. $3 USD.


Project name Electroneum
Ticker SymbolETN
Total Supply21 Billion
Based onMonero Based Blockchain
Launched year2017
Official websiteElectroneum.com
All time high$0.23 (Jan 2018)
Ranking by market cap#89
Exchange PlatformKucoin, Huobi Global, Bitbns, HitBTC, TradeOgre, Sistemkoin, Liquid, Biki, Cyptomate, Coinbene, Coindeal.

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