EOS Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

EOS Price Prediction

EOS is a better version of Ethereum which was launched in July 2017 by Block.one, as the owner of EOS i.e. Daniel Larimer who was in a team of Bitshares and Steemit, as a result, while launching EOS they have to consider lots factor which can be improved and he did as there are nearly zero transaction fees for the small transaction which takes places under ERC-20 token, as this token pretty famous for ICO’s as many newly launched cryptocurrency was preferred this token for distribution and obviously this help EOS to keep fluctuating, as EOS is on 8th position as this is not really deserving place for a project like EOS, as in initial days EOS was close to beat Bitcoin cash and Litecoin but all due crypto crash where new coins were rarely launched and also investor was not that much interested to buy New to lower the risk of lower ROI.

EOS Price Prediction 2020

2020 will be game-changer because many countries are looking forward into cryptocurrency and 2nd most populated country i.e. India lifts the banned over cryptocurrency as most of the people are still consider transaction fees over even in big investment and continuous growth in since January 2020 is help cryptocurrency to make comeback in the investment world in which new coins again started launching and again ERC-20 token comes into the picture for many new projects, so there will huge growth in EOS market cap value which will give higher ROI, as EOS on 17th December 2019 was trading at $2.34 USD and from this day dropping EOS was changed its momentum and started increasing with a steady growth rate in which it reaches to $5.44 USD price in just 2 months with 134% growth rate and then again EOS started falling due to coronavirus crisis and in which it almost reaches to below $2 USD and this is the lowest price since December 2018.

EOS Price Prediction

Source: coinmarketcap.com

As EOS was not the only cryptocurrency who was falling since February 2020 but other top coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other top coins was also reaches to all-time lowest of since December 2018, and taking a positive point from this then this will be the great chance to invest any cryptocurrency as you may consider Stock as an option because Stock also collapsed with even worst rate because some of the company was almost dropped lowest of his last 10 years run in the stock market, but as we know EOS is based on Social media platform and due lockdown in most of the country people are more active on social media which may come in the favor of EOS, so from slow recovery to price on the moon event we have scripted below Price Prediction for EOS.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
March 2020$3.12 USD
April 2020$2.23 USD
May 2020$2.98 USD
June 2020$1.45 USD
July 2020$2.12 USD
August 2020$5.42 USD
September 2020$7.94 USD
October 2020$8.43USD
November 2020$5.26 USD
December 2020$4.46 USD

Note: from July 2020 EOS takes momentum which expected to be recovered from the Coronavirus crisis.

EOS Coin Price Prediction 2021

One thing really matters in cryptocurrency to stay forever trending i.e. always-improving technology and fix bugs so for that EOS was launched dApp in which it allows developer bug recovery, system deployment and it also helps to secure data, communication of severing while transaction and at last censorship resistance which is an important factor, as most of the top predictor such trading beats suggested that EOS will cross $10 USD in 2020 and if this really happens in which Eos able to HOLD this trading price till December 2020 and considering new year hike then consider double the December then EOS will be near to in between $15 to $20 USD, so if you able to purchase EOS at price $2 USD and in one year it cost around average $17 USD then you will have ROI of 750% in less than one year and even if you manage to get 500% in the average scenario then also it will be a great deal with safe Coin in the market.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in $
February 2021$15 USD
May 2021$12 USD
August 2021$8.2 USD
August 2021$14 USD
December 2021$18 USD

Note: considering December 2020 price equal to $7 USD.

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EOS Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

Considering above percentage of per month growth converted into per year growth percentage which is equal to 670% in price and an average price of the 2020 year which is nearly $5 USD then in 2025 we will be seeing EOS will cross $30 USD mark and moving this momentum forward including dumping and pumping or bullying cryptocurrency with same growth percentage we will be seeing EOS will be crossing $100 USD mark in 2030, as predicting this much will not that much helpful because less than 1% people will think to HODL their crypto investment for 10 years.

EOS Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameEOS
Position on Coinmarketcap.com8th
Official WebsiteEOS.io
PlatformEthereum Blockchain
Launch Year2017
Based onSocial Media backed Technology
Max Supply1,017,753,659 EOS
All-time Highest Till Now$22.89 USD


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