Ergo (ERG) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Ergo?

Ergo claimed to be one the flexible blockchain based protocol that can be upgraded anytime by community member. Ergo was the project that debuted even before crypto was familiar with very few people i.e., before year 2017. Ergo set to bring smart money and that will be more conservative, ambitious, lightweight and versatile. Project continues to building new cryptographic features and new DeFi function under experience team by following blockchain basic theory and development.

Ergo Platform controlled by community and it provides open protocol that can be use for implementation of innovative ideas in blockchain space. however, platform still open for any who wanted to contribute can join platform with open contributor model. Ergo has infrastructure that supporting future development of decentralized application dApps. Ergo also aim to focus on providing implementation financial contract with efficient, secure and easy to use. Ergo blockchain known as self-amendable protocol that simply enable auto improvement and implement new ideas in the network.

Ergo still uses original blockchain proof of work consensus and uses Elliptic Curve cryptography that also used in Bitcoin Blockchain. Ergo also support advanced financial contracts that also used in Ethereum account-based model. However, project uses extended UTXO model based on Cardano that has ability store arbitrary data and sophisticated scripts.

Ergo Price Prediction

Month & YearERG Price Prediction
February 2021$1.0498
March 2021$1.5471
April 2021$1.9684
May 2021$2.3068
June 2021$2.3827
July 2021$2.6383
August 2021$2.4518
September 2021$2.8455
October 2021$2.9491
November 2021$2.7557
December 2021$3.1494
January 2022$3.3704
February 2022$3.5983
March 2022$3.3980
April 2022$3.7157
May 2022$3.8400
June 2022$3.5361
July 2022$4.0679
August 2022$4.2475
September 2022$4.3925
October 2022$4.1370
November 2022$4.3787
December 2022$4.6066
January 2025$4.7586
March 2025$5.1384
April 2025$4.8000
May 2025$5.0694
July 2025$5.3871
September 2025$5.6081
October 2025$8.2118
Decemeber 2025$8.1359
January 2030$8.4467
March 2030$9.2754
May 2030$13.6335
July 2030$13.8959
September 2030$13.5989
October 2030$13.7992
December 2030$14.5866

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Ergo Overview

Project nameErgo
Ticker SymbolERG
Total Supply97,739,924
Based onSmart money
Launched year2017
All-time high$6.78 USD
Exchange PlatformCITEX, Hotbit, sistemcoin, CoinEx,, Probit Exchange, ViteX, Tidex.
WalletOwn wallet
PartnerCardano, Emurgo,

ERG Price Analysis

Ergo platform has its native token known as ERG token that perform very important task of stability and security in the network. ERG emission process will be complete after 10 year of launch that unlock distribution of ERG from platform fees. ERG will be act as contractual money for platform and it is suitable for building application and solution on the top of platform. similar to other decentralized platform to confirm participation in the network user need to hold ERG token on their wallet. User also get paid for finding perfect or higher value of application developed by platform. ERG was listed in 2017 with average price $4.69 USD as per the data of coinmarketcap, as after listing token continues to follow upward trend where in crypto bubble ERG manages to set all time high record by reaching at $6.78 USD.

Ergo Price Prediction

ERG price still unpredictable as going back to 2019, sometimes price registered almost 200% hiked in just 24 hours, but after that it continue to follow neutral trend. in 2020, ERG started gaining recognisable market volume and since July 2020 ERG started gaining more volume as compare to year 2019 and 2018.


How much ERG will be worth in 5 years?

Probably worth more than $5 USD

Is Ergo a Good Investment?

For long term investment Ergo enable more network & system upgradation as per the trend.


Ergo one the of the most consistent blockchain project that implementing new ideas and services matching current blockchain based innovation. recently project integrated with cardano and to developed decentralized finance-based solution, as DeFi currently one of the most trending service in blockchain. Ergo has introduced new oracle solution for cardano blockchain. Ergo officially confirm that new oracle pool will boost creation and development of new dApps and DeFi services.

Ergo Rating