Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic was introduced to get recovery from stolen Ether in 2016 but this cryptocurrency Is not official hard fork version of Ethereum, as ETC was created too much controversy when it was launched but now things are changed after reaches to 21st position in the list of cryptocurrency where all coin is sorted by its market cap value, as Ethereum Classic runs on smart contact in which their main focus was to create untraceable Blockchain ledger and till now since 2015 this network untampered along with they have launched unstoppable apps which have zero downtime and bugs along with this they also provide support to banks and financial services to eliminate the third party.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2020

Recently Ethereum Classic officially announced a partnership with Chainlink which another big project in cryptocurrency and this was the reason behind ETC prices again reached to $12.93 USD from $4.52 USD in almost one month, as $47.77 USD was the highest price of all time which was the record in 2017 and after this cryptocurrency on the sky phase ETC was able to maintain prices above $15 USD till august 2018 and after this month Ethereum Classic was seen in big trouble with higher percentage it was continuously dropping but this was not created any big impact because other cryptocurrencies also dropping with the same rate, but during this drop, there was small price fluctuation which was still better than some of the top coins and during this time ETC was gaining some market cap value from investor and started jumping slowly up and now after it dropped near to $4.30 USD means the again best time to make an investment is creating hype for Ethereum Classic.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
April 2020 $6.2 USD
May 2020 $8.32 USD
June 2020 $12.4 USD
July 2020 $7.23 USD
August 2020 $5.2 USD
September 2020 $9.2 USD
October 2020 $13.34 USD
November 2020 $8.23 USD
December 2020 $12.34 USD

Note: October or December 2020 will gives a higher profit.

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As of now worlds economy is dropping all investing option was dropped with percentage and most of the people already started investing in this due to they will get a higher return in future, but due to sudden growth at the beginning of the 2020 year some of the cryptocurrency was not dropped with huge percentage and many of you expected there will be another huge drop will be coming, like china, where most cryptocurrencies were introduced along with Bitcoin, is now almost free from coronavirus and they also started their key business of import and export and they also supplying mask, medical testing kit and another equipment form which their economy is increasing day by day, so this will be possible reason may be cryptocurrency again started growing up and after a huge loss since 16th march 2020, as per price graph of most of the coins there is rapid growth seen which clearly indicate recovery.

ETC Price Prediction 2021

Almost 8 months are left for 2021 and it will take more 3 to 4 month to get rid of coronavirus and people will start investing in cryptocurrency, if a market is still down, as we mentioned in a prediction that in October 2020 it will be reaching $13 USD and then it will start dropping so in year-end somehow ETC able to hold its pricing near about $8 to $9 USD then in 2021 at the beginning somewhere in February 2021, Ethereum classic will be crossing $15 USD mark and then it will keep fluctuating and also cross $20 USD mark, so buying under $6 USD will be the great pick because if you buy at average $5 USD and then sell it for $15 USD then you will be getting almost 200% ROI in less than 1 year of time and maybe $15 USD also possible in next 4 to 5 month in the year 2020, so this coin also is a great pick in the year 2020.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
February 2021 $15.3 USD
May 2021 $12.34 USD
July 2021 $9.24 USD
October 2021 $21.23 USD
December 2021 $17 USD

Note: in the 2021 year ETC expected to cross $20 USD mark.

ETC Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

Ethereum Classic till now partners with Fantom Foundation, Pulse Agent, Bloq, and Media Dapp and also with Chainlink they also enter into Oracle program which is currently running at the back end of the big project of google and other companies, as ETC is always a very important part of Ethereum Blockchain even if they already launch their own project to handle security and system bugs, but should not forget about Etheruem Classic still improving day by day and possibly in future we will see this cryptocurrency under top 15 position, as compared with Ethereum then there is small difference i.e ETC is code-based but still some of ex-member of Ethereum still believe working with ETC will make a different impact on both cryptocurrency which will help to dominate the crypto world in future.

In 2025 Ethereum classic will surely grow with skyrocket speed and talking about prediction then it will easily cross $30 USD mark and will be fluctuating between $30 USD to $40 USD and with same growth percentage which is taken from last 1-year performance of Ethereum Classic than in 2030 which is almost of after 10 years then considering another price on the moon phase ETC will be costing somewhere nearer to $100 USD and that will be a biggest all-time best record with ROI Over 30k% and that will be attention seeker for any investor.

Ethereum Classic Wiki

Cryptocurrency Title Ethereum Classic
Symbol ETC
Maximum Supply 210,000,000 ETC
Official website
Ranking on 21st
Based on Ethereum Blockchain
Information Banking and Financial service backing
Highest Price Till Now $47.77
Year of Listing 2014
Popular Trading Platform to buy ETC Coinbene, FatBTC, EXX, MXC


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