Hive Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 Forecast

Hive Blockchain just completed 1 month of listing and created new record of the fastest cryptocurrency to reached in top 50 list, with gaining 36th position with all-time ROI over 200%. Hive is hard fork version of Steem project, and also Steem is supporting this cryptocurrency confirmed by multiple sources, Today Hive almost get $139 million worth market cap addition in just 24 hours, following listing on Huobi Global, Binance, MXC, Bittrex, and Probit Exchange. So below we will give you report on Hive Price Prediction and How high it can go up.

The founder of Tron, Justin sun brought Steemit early this year and changed landscape for this project, because Steem coin prices also hiked by over 40% in just 1 days. As Steemit is biggest blockchain based blogging platform, where user gets paid for content creation with Steem. As Tron also going to explode in coming days.

Hive Price Prediction

Hive is very closed to hit $1 USD, as this might be happening in March 2020, as after seeing small dropped in price, where hiked was almost dropped to below $0.1 USD, but joining hype of April 2020, it surge from $0.11 USD to $0.85 USD with 672% growth rate in less than 1 week, so those who already invested at average price $0.15 USD during end of march 2020 and beginning April 2020, for them we will suggest to HODL and wait till it will cross $1 USD mark, which can give you 800%+ ROI in few days, as this project already having daily cap over $100 Million, and also because of it already added into top 100 highest market cap holder list, so number of investor will be increase soon and that can help to grow ranking & prices.

Hive Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearForecast in USD
Ending of May 2020$1.20 USD
Beginning June 2020$0.92 USD.
Ending of June 2020$0.78 USD
July 2020$0.94 USD
August 2020$1.10 USD
September 2020$1.29 USD
October 2020$1.87 USD
November 2020$2.65 USD
December 2020$4.2 USD
Note: hopefully it will be reached $5 USD mark in year 2020.

So, after the split from Steemit original founder, now content will be copied on blockchain, so Steem again belong to Hive users, as due to continuous financial crisis Stemmit was sold to Tron foundation, and now Tron already having three cryptocurrency based project i.e. BitTorrent, Steemit and Hive, as Tron is based on Content creation and monetization, so addition of steemit will be beneficial to improve their network. As result most of major Steem holder making move to hive and still steem believers owing their staking token as Steem power. it takes more than 12 weeks to covert into fully stakes.

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Hive Price Prediction 2021

Considering $5 in year 2020, the most expected figure in Hive for 2021 will be crossing $10 USD mark, as this growth easily possible only because of Justin Sun who one of the best cryptocurrency mastermind, as he done every possible ways that can bring Tron back in track, for that he brought many partnership into system and network update, bringing scalability and more, still Tron not able to recover but other project he purchased is exceptionally doing well and in future he will ruling top 100 cryptocurrency chart, as already all 3 crypto owned by him is in the top position. Hive prices are above the Steem and there is lots of difference in prices and this gap more likely to increase in upcoming months.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
January 2021$5.09 USD
February 2021$5.68 USD
March 2021$8.90 USD
April 2021$6.82 USD
May 2021$7.45 USD
June 2021$8.45 USD
July 2021$6.76 USD
August 2021$5.873 USD
September 2021$5.282 USD
October 2021$4.24 USD
November 2021$4.98 USD
December 2021$6.89 USD
Note: beginning of year 2021 there will huge growth will be seen.

In Q1 2021, Hive will be completing 1 year of launch that can help to create some spike in prices and market cap value as well. And if this growth continues then it will create more possibility to cross $10 USD mark in mid-2021.

Hive Review

This genuine effort to giving new birth steem community, as all user of steemit will get access for with same credential, as design is almost same, as one of the active member quoted that in just one month we already proved that with decentralization and team work will attract new user, new investor, developer and readers. As there are more than 10 dApp already built in new network, as for old Steem user their rewards will be converted into Hive and all valid accounts will be receiving airdrop soon. The Hive is based on dpos governance and it is created by implementing hard fork of Steemit but it will be running indecently in its own chain, and it will be having Ninja-mined skated.

Hive Price Prediction

The new content posted on stemmit and Hive will be not posted automatically with different accounts, as old content will be automatically displayed on Hive network, as all ranking and history will be same, but from 20 march 2020 there both platforms will run independently. The new network is build by team who having 30 year of experience and ecosystem will improve conversation, ease of use, marketing, development with Blockchain, it will be open source means open for adding new developers.

Hive Forecast FAQ

Will Hive Reach $1 USD?

Ans: Yes, expected in may 2020.

How Much Hive Coin Worth in 2025?

Ans: $20 USD.

How Much Hive Crytpo will worth in 2030?

Ans: $55 USD.

Will Hive Reach $10 USD?

Ans: Yes, 2022 expected.

 Hive Wiki

Project NameHive
Ticker SymbolHIVE
Total Supply366,156,518 HIVE
Hive content
Launched date20th march 2020
Based onSteemit’s Hard Fork version
TechnologyDpos governance
Launching price$0.28 USD
Trading PlatformBinance, Bittrex, Huobi Global, MCX, Probit,
WalletVessel, Keychain, Hivewallet, Esteem, Hivesigner, Peakd,

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