Kusama (KSM) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Kusama?

Kusama is debut project launched by Polkadot Network, Polkadot is completely based on the decentralized web that gives full control to the real users. Polkadot Platform based on Interoperability of blockchain by connecting private, consortium chains, public & private network, oracles and future technologies also added. However, Kusama working as canary network for Polkadot, means it will help to detect vulnerability or the problem in the Polkadot network.

Kusama is termed as cousin of Polkadot, who will be providing similar kind of infrastructure in order build fast, decentralized and secure blockchain. it will be focusing on multichain and scalability for Radical innovation. The network will encourage experimental development for those who wanted to create unique and innovative network on the Kusama.

So form now, developer can build their custom blockchain with Kusama, where they will provided Fast lteration (improve shipping speed of your product), Open Governance, advance technology (sharding, multichain enabled), Engaged community and Valuable Experience. The network fuel by its own token name KSM that allows user validation, nomination of validator, pay for interop message passing, vote on governance and bond Parachains.

Kusama Price Prediction

Month & YearKSM Price Prediction
November 2020$39.78
December 2020$46.35
January 2021$43.06
February 2021$45.62
March 2021$52.91
April 2021$56.20
May 2021$48.17
June 2021$60.94
July 2021$63.13
August 2021$68.24
September 2021$56.93
October 2021$68.97
November 2021$80.65
December 2021$84.66
January 2022$77.73
February 2022$97.44
March 2022$106.92
April 2022$121.89
May 2022$132.47
June 2022$122.98
July 2022$140.50
August 2022$134.66
September 2022$84.66
October 2022$87.22
November 2022$93.42
December 2022$100.36
January 2025$101.45
March 2025$104.73
May 2025$287.93
July 2025$283.91
October 2025$300.34
Decemeber 2025$344.13
January 2030$318.95
March 2030$483.16
May 2030$515.28
July 2030$499.59
October 2030$499.59
December 2030$551.77

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Kusama Overview

Project nameKusama
Ticker SymbolKSM
Total Supply9,283,320 KSM
Official websiteKusama.network
Based onPolkabot Blockchain
Launched year2019
All-time high$9.21 USD
Exchange PlatformMXC, Kucoin, CoinEx, Bibox, BKEX, Hotbit

KSM ICO Overview

No ICO found for Kusama Network.

Kusama Price analysis

Recently Kusama closed faucet program due to spamming and huge demand, however user can still claim KSM for Holding DOT indicator token. as currently Kusama have thousands of validators in the community. Kusama was launched in July 2019 and got indexed on coinmarketcap in December 2019, in which price surged from $1.72 USD to highest as of writing $7.74 USD. KSM since beginning of may 2020, maintaining resistance level of $5.85 USD and now it showing neutral trend. The possible outcomes for KSM will reaching $10 USD mark in future.

Kusama Price Prediction

Kusama Network FAQ

Can Kusama Reach $10 USD?

Yes, may be after mid 2021

Is Kusama a Good Investment?

Yes, the ultimately this project bringing lot of change in Ethereum Blockchain.

How Much KSM Worth in 2030?

The most expected price for 2030 will be $25 USD.


Kusama is said to be early undefined and unaudited experimental version of Polkabot Blockchain, which is founded by co-founder of Ethereum Blockchain. the network is based on PoS consensus as they recently they adopted this algorithm, where Blockchain will be working together without shared security protection. The Kusama project allowing both teams and developer to build and deploy parachain i.e. giving try out of polkadot functionalities like governance, staking, validation and staking. So, all this together will be creating new way of customization blockchain and politics with voting ability will help for new runtime proposal.

Kusama Rating