Maker Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 | MKR Future Forecast

Maker Price Prediction

When it comes to short time investment then Maker will be that cryptocurrency as the reason behind this is Maker price fluctuation is consistent and a percentage between there ups and down is 35% with an average time interval of 1.5 to 2 months, as Maker was listed on January 2017 with starting price of $24.42 USD and right after that, it is unstoppable at the cryptocurrency market, as in just 8 months it was crossed $300 USD mark with 1250% growth rate and during price on the moon event where investor going crazy to buy cryptocurrency that time Maker was completed its 1 year of listing and reaches to all-time highest record with $1,773.92 USD price in which as we compare to initial price it was surge by over 7000% which is higher than most top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Maker Price Prediction

Maker Price Prediction 2020

In 2020 Maker was reached to $714 USD and this is the best figure of this year record on 28th March, as still maker was not able to cross all times highest record 2019 which just $50 USD shorter, as even if MKR is dropped below $250 USD after 15 March 2020 just because of china originated virus is spreading all over the world and impacting all economy and all investment market to, but if we look at prices of most of the cryptocurrency then there is good news also we are getting most top coins for low prices and it was almost dropped by over 60% to 200% comparing to the all-time highest price of 2020, so this is perfect timing to invest in the maker and just consider somehow you able to capture Maker at an average price of $250 USD and then sell it at price $700 USD then you will get a pretty good profit of 188%, which is still highest in top 50 highest market cap holder list.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
March 2020 $246 USD
April 2020 $280 USD
May 2020 $302 USD
June 2020 $320 USD
July 2020 $389 USD
August 2020 $562 USD
September 2020 $368 USD
October 2020 $774 USD
November 2020 $570 USD
December 2020 $472 USD

Note: Maker price fluctuation gap is of 2 months.

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MKR Pirce Prediction 2021

From 2019 most of cryptocurrency are stable in the market which means there is no straight line in price graph and in this, if Maker was able to follow same nature till 2021 then MKR will be choice of most of the cryptocurrency investor and Maker stands on better money in which they have launched DAI a currency which is unbiased decentralized in which is based on ERC-20 Etheruem Blokchcian with just works similarly like Tether where it tries to keep prices stable and also they have AI-based finance company which automatically HODL, Buy and Sell in favor of register use in their network, so all this factor are helping maker right now and in future also, as we predicted price for December 2020 is near about $500 USD, so following new year buzz Maker may cross $1000 USD mark for the second time after 3 years of time interval which can give billion worth addition in market cap value, as well as Maker, may enter into top 10 lists.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
February 2021 $1002 USD
June 2021 $705 USD
August 2021 $903 USD
October 2021 $589 USD
December 2021 $892 USD

Note: on new year price are double of its previous month and from June to December 2021 we have price fluctuation as per run of Maker so far.

MKR Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

So in 3 years we Maker was able to cross $1500 USD mark from then it was dropped for more than 1 year and now it completely changes its nature, so consider this for the upcoming year there will be 2 prices on the moon phase can be there and considering 2 crashes then somehow with average 7000% year growth rate and consider $540 USD is the average per year price than in 2025 Maker may cross $3000 USD mark and somewhere In 2030, there are chances that MKR will reach $10k USD figure which can be the biggest achievement in the run of Maker.

  1. Will Maker Cross $1000 USD in 2020?

Ans: No

  1. How Much MKR Coin worth in 2021?

Ans: Approx $900 USD

  1. Will Price on The moon Phase Come till 2025?

Ans: Yes, May for two Times.

  1. Where We Can Buy/Exchange MKR?

Ans: Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex.

Maker Wiki

Cryptocurrency Title Maker
Coin Symbol MKR
Based on ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain
Technology DAI Auto Balancing Price Network
Total Supply NA
All-Time Highest Price $1,773.92 USD
Ranking 27th


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