Memepad (Mepad) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Memepad?

In the wave of Dogecoin we know even meme blockchain project gaining huge attention from investor. however, some random community based low price crypto also driving attention of investor after topping at trending chart on crypto reporting platform. This meme coin or low capped project don’t have launchpad or IDO platform to fundraise project for early supporters. So, MemePad come up with solution by launching first ever Meme Coin projects launchpad.

The Memepad original focus on helping new meme coin or low-capped and charity token projects like safemoon, safemars and elogate to fund raised. As per study most of traditional reject rejected this type of coins due to low market cap and lack of allocation issue. Memepad will save marketing and promotion money of this small project because their own community will invest in project.

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Memepad will be also having tier system, which include Pleb, Chad, Elon that means in order to get fixed allocation in new project users need to hodl minimum 10k Memepad Token. Whitelisted user able to swap listed project token with BNB or BUSD, as then later it will open for trading on pancakeswap.

Memepad Price Prediction

Month & YearMEPAD Price Prediction
July 2021$0.1072
August 2021$0.1989
September 2021$0.2246
October 2021$0.2413
November 2021$0.2760
December 2021$0.3709
January 2022$0.3998
February 2022$0.6097
March 2022$0.7188
April 2022$0.8407
May 2022$0.7829
June 2022$0.9755
July 2022$1.0460
August 2022$1.1680
September 2022$0.9305
October 2022$1.1102
November 2022$1.3156
December 2022$1.1744
April 2023$1.2514
August 2023$1.4118
January 2025$2.8943
March 2025$2.6440
May 2025$2.8365
July 2025$2.5092
September 2025$2.9071
October 2025$3.0034
Decemeber 2025$3.1574
January 2030$5.5960
March 2030$5.9297
May 2030$6.4431
July 2030$6.6870
September 2030$6.1736
December 2030$6.8988

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Memepad Overview

Project nameMemepad
Ticker SymbolMepad
Total Supply400,000,000
Based onMeme Coin Launchpad
Launched year2021
All-time high$0.22 USD
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, MXC

Mepad ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn
Raised by$100,000
Date of ICO29th April 2021
ICO Price$0.0005 USD USD

Mepad Price Analysis

Mepad initial price set by platform was $0.0005 USD and within listing on Pacakeswap it reached to $0.22 with 43900%. Mepad early token holder already earned 439x and in future will be getting allocation in new project. this tier system will be definitely works, as investor will stake token to get allocation that keep pushing price to the moon. Memepad officially announced for listing on MXC and that could help to reach out to more new investor on centralized exchage.


Will Mepad hit $10?

As per our prediction, Mepad could hit $10 mark after year 2021.


Memepad already gained huge market volume in less than week of launch and it already cross $0.1 USD mark and if this trend of meme coin continues then demand of mepad token also increase. Memepad launching their app and liquidity farming feature very soon, that will help token holder to receive extra staking rewards. Project like Safemoon adopt simple strategy of burn and HODL has been trendsetter concept in blockchain in recent times. Most of project already gained by 1000x and newly launched coins raised by more than 10x in just few days. so, in order to become early investor in this type of project memepad will be play important role.

Memepad Rating