Mina Protocol Token Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Mina Protocol?

Mina Protocol describe as world lightest blockchain network, who’s size remains constant even if surge in its usages. on the official portal Mina network has size of only 22 KB, as most of existing blockchain sizing in gigabytes. Mina is nothing succinct blockchain that built to run decentralized application faster and efficiently ways. Project begin their operation with name Coda protocol, as later in October 2020 it rebranded to Mina.

Mina Protocol integrated with zk-SNARKS i.e., cryptographic proof that help to enable authenticate information without revealing any information. Project aiming to solve problem including data privacy, high fees, ease of use, network congestion, easy adoption. In order to solve this problem, Mina Blockchain implements zero knowledge proofs in their network.

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Using Mina protocol developer now able to build powerful SNARK Powered apps for financial services without fear of data privacy and programable money. Mina believes to be fully secured by participant that added via number of block producer with Proof of stake consensus. Anyone can run node and secure network, as with growing number of participants it becomes more secure and resilient.

Mina Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearMINA Price Prediction
July 2021$3.71
August 2021$6.88
September 2021$7.77
October 2021$8.35
November 2021$9.55
December 2021$12.84
January 2022$13.84
February 2022$21.10
March 2022$24.87
April 2022$29.09
May 2022$27.10
June 2022$33.76
July 2022$36.20
August 2022$40.42
September 2022$32.20
October 2022$38.42
November 2022$45.53
December 2022$40.64
April 2023$43.31
August 2023$48.86
January 2025$100.16
March 2025$91.50
May 2025$98.17
July 2025$86.84
September 2025$100.61
October 2025$103.94
Decemeber 2025$109.27
January 2030$193.67
March 2030$205.21
May 2030$222.98
July 2030$231.42
September 2030$213.65
December 2030$238.75

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Mina Protocol Overview

Project nameMina Protocol
Ticker SymbolMINA
Initial Supply805,121,694
Official websiteMinaprotocol.com
Based onZk-SNARKS
Launched year2020
All-time high$187 USD
Exchange PlatformBitZ

Mina ICO Overview

Platform usedCoinlist
Raised by$48,150,000 USD
Date of ICO13th April 2021
ICO Price$0.25 USD
PartnersFinoa, Polychain, Coinbase Ventures, Bixin Ventures.

Mina Token Price Analysis

MINA Token is native currency on Mina Protocol that required to stake and produce block on the Mina Blockchain. Token will be used as prime currency on smartplace that used by block producers and SNARK producer, as it will be completing main transaction including buying and selling SNARK Proofs. ICO sale was hosted on Coinlist exchange, as there are three option for investing with different token release schedule. ICO sale gets overwhelming response from investor, more than 200k user in the queue and over 1 million registration recorded.

Mina Protocol Price Prediction


Is Mina Protocol a Good Investment?

Considering Mina Protocol for long term investment, as investing in early listing will be more profitable for those who missed chance buying at ICO Sale.


O (1) Labs created mina protocol, who is san Francisco start-up with mission to use of crypto power to build computing system. however, it company was founded 2017 as their main goal was optimizing scalability and decentralization. However, with great experience team Mina Protocol successful launched mainnet and it gets huge attention from investor, as official community surpass 100k mark. Mina Protocol being lightest and fastest blockchain network will solve many problems in future development of decentralized application. Integration with zero knowledge proof going to solve many existing problem of existing blockchains network and this could definitely attract more developers and investor too.

Mina Protocol Rating