Monero Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 | XMR Future Forecast

Monero Price Prediction

Monero works on a different aspect which differs from Top cryptocurrency in which their first priority is to let investor do shield protected transaction with the help of cryptography technology, as most of investor prefer private transaction, so following this at launching time Monero got a huge response in which Monero gets huge boost in the ranking at highest market cap holder list, as Monero was built by over 500 developers including 30 core developer, so their effort of making untraceable money hiding from bank and even from the government comes into reality, as Monero was launched in 2014 which is 6 years after Bitcoin and launching price was very low i.e. $2.14 USD then after being stable till July 2016 it started hiking and on 7th January 2017, it reaches to all-time highest with $418.57 USD price.

Monero Price Prediction

Monero Price Prediction

Monero Price Prediction 2020

$95 USD is the highest price of the 2020 year till now recorded on March 2020, as Monero is almost hike by double of its price since December 2019 from $47 USD to $95 USD in just 2 months, as Monero was not the only cryptocurrency who was shown this growth but almost every cryptocurrency was hiked in the new year and now talking about the 2020 year prediction from April 2020 then it takes few more month to see the straight upward graph and we all the reason i.e. coronavirus, so hopefully the world will be corona free in May or June 2020 and as all crypto was dropped since 15th February 2020 there smaller growth in market cap value of most of the top cryptocurrency because of there are huge ups and down was seen since February 2020 which is turning out to be the smartest investment for small as well as big money investor, so following all this factor we are set below the prediction.

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction in USD
March 2020$56 USD
April 2020$45 USD
May 2020$60 USD
June 2020$74 USD
July 2020$89 USD
August 2020$62 USD
September 2020$68 USD
October 2020$74 USD
November 2020$90 USD
December 2020$72 USD

Note: considering April 2020 year as heal from coronavirus.

XMR Price Prediction 2021

As many of people top investor believe that Monero will be expected to face blackslash due to privacy and untracable feature, as having private money still consider legal trouble in some country, so for them XMR hopefully not going to any trouble if any then developer will get the solution on this, as looking forward from 1 year from now then XMR will start a new year with a huge peak in which it expected to cross $100 USD mark or if somehow it able to comes closer to $90 USD price then result will be different and in Feburary 2020 or march 2020 we will be seeing XMR crossing $200 USD mar and considering pumping by the investor or us never now even maker can do that to get a huge boost to their cryptocurrency then Monero will cross $500 USD mark once in the 2021 year or as I mentioned great 2020 may be turned into greater 2021, so somehow investor who able to capture at a rate of $40 USD and sell at $500 USD will get over 1100% growth rate, as we know even in worst condition XMR was maintaining ROI over 1500%.

Month & YearAverage Price Prediction in USD
January 2021$102 USD
April 2021$122 USD
June 2021$170 USD
September 2021$270 USD
December 2021$315 USD

Note: double the price of December 2020.

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XMR Future Forecast 2025 | 2030

Predicting how much XMR worth in upcoming 5 to 10 year is impossible because most of the cryptocurrency may be dropped even from top 100 list of may get hiked with higher in raking of highest market cap, so still with a current growth rate since 2017 will be considered, as previous period there are very fewer people knows about cryptocurrency, XMR in 2025 may dealing in between $2k to $2.5k USD mark and expected worth of Monero in 2030 may lie in between $5000 to $6000 USD, so if any investor who purchase at $40 USD and then in the year 2025 they will get 7400% ROI and if they sell n 2030 year it will be around 14000%, we can expect this figure earlier than we predicted because there will be the one breakout year in which all crypto market explode just like we have witnessed in January 2017 and again there will cryptocurrency crash which will keep engaging investor for a consistent time.

Monero Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameMonero
Ticker SymbolXMR
Total Supply17,496,593 XMR
InfoOpen Source Privacy oriented Coin
Ranking in Highest market cap value12th
All-Time Highest$495.84 USD


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