Polkamarkets (POLK) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Polkamarkets?

Polkamarkets is a Gamified Prediction platform built on three mainstream technology i.e., Polkadot, NFTs and Decentralized Finance. Project has simple aim to provide prediction for different markets along with cross-chain info exchange. Network fetch decentralized and interoperable environment for real world events outcomes. Real traders can leverage their crypto knowledge and experience to predict future outcomes.

Polkamarkets claimed that no one before that unify Prediction market with DeFi. As it will definitely create opportunity takes profit form info exchange and gaining basic of new capital markets. Following the new era of Defi and for that traders will find yields through lending, borrowing, farming, liquidity provider and decentralized exchange.

Countering existing prediction market where platform believes there is lack liquidity, markets, traders. it also observed that there is no transparency and confusion within markets, as sometimes duplicate market also spotted. As per study project belies that total prediction market volume is low as $1 million dollar per day and even sometimes lower than expected. So, it simply causes low number of users and low daily volume in existing prediction market. in solution platform directly target usage and volume by introducing incentive program for liquidity provider and trader.

Polkamarkets Price Prediction

Polkamarkets to be listed on Uniswap with price $0.05 USD and in strategic Sale price will be $0.025 USD. 28% token will be distributed in Strategic and public sale. Now we know Polkadot based project see massive growth in volume and prices, so definitely Polkamarkets Coin after listing will be heading to $1 USD within 1 month.

Month & YearPOLK Price Prediction
April 2021$4.89
May 2021$5.82
June 2021$6.50
July 2021$6.88
August 2021$7.40
September 2021$5.50
October 2021$6.50
November 2021$7.14
December 2021$8.46
January 2022$8.63
February 2022$9.42
March 2022$10.07
April 2022$9.74
May 2022$11.35
June 2022$10.39
July 2022$11.56
August 2022$10.71
September 2022$11.41
October 2022$10.77
November 2022$11.67
December 2022$11.03
January 2025$11.56
March 2025$44.53
April 2025$46.46
May 2025$45.18
July 2025$46.78
September 2025$47.14
October 2025$46.46
Decemeber 2025$45.82
January 2030$46.87
February 2030$89.68
March 2030$88.42
April 2030$90.35
May 2030$91.35
July 2030$92.31
September 2030$90.64
October 2030$91.99
December 2030$93.28

Polkamarkets Overview

Project namePolkamarkets
Ticker SymbolPOLK
Total Supply100,000,000
Official websitePolkamarkets.com
Based onPrediction
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformUniswap
WalletMetamask, WalletConnect

POLK IDO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised byNA
Date of ICOStart from 24th Feb
PartnersNGC Ventures, Astronaut Capital, Spark Capital, Moonrock Capital, Morningstar Ventures.

POLK Price Analysis

POLK is utility token of Polkamarkets ecosystem, this token will be used for mining, liquidity provider, fees collection and yield farming. Token will be listed on DEX and CEX platform every soon, as uniswap listing almost confirm. Polkastarter teaming with the project with IDO i.e., initial DEX offering, as user need to participate in whitelist to receive spot. IDO schedule on 24th February 2021 and user who hold Polkastarter token may receives lottery draw. So, currently user need to follow basic steps such as following twitter official account and joining telegram channel and simply fill form. Whitelist will be closed before 19th February 2021. POLK Token will receive same response as POLS token and investor can expect at least 10x returns in few weeks.

Polkamarkets Price Prediction


Will POLK hit $1?

Expected before 2022.

How much POLK Token will be worth in 5 years?

Probably reaching $40 USD.


Blockchain prediction market already in the market as they failed to get users and expert traders to achieve perfect balance. Polkamarkets will be changing prediction market for in different category such as sports, esports, crypto and other. network will provide entertainment DeFi platform that will offer forecast for sports and esports along with live fees of events. However, market prediction will be set and adjusted as per odds and adjust as per users. POLK mining will be started once user trade outcomes fractions. User can also create own prediction platform using Polkmarkets, so it will be prediction market starter in future. Daily crypto prices and prediction will be provided along with live feeds which will be integrated with trader and professional trading desk.

User can earn from forecasting or monetise forecast of future outcomes with interoperable and decentralized platform. user can choose their niche while predicting outcomes and to create own events user need to own $POLK tokens. we will highly recommend this project but still DYOR – Do your own research.

Polkamarkets Rating