(sfund) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is

Seedify Fund is home of blockchain based product innovation hub that aim to provide platform to launch new project. Seedify is driven by DAO i.e., decentralized autonomous organization that offer to raise seed stage fund, decentralized incubator and launchpad. Developer or innovator can submit their project to the platform and then community will be decided via incubation program followed by vote system.

Seedify incubator will empower different project by connecting their project to the community that will help them launch great product. incubator will support project to target special categories that include development, community building, advertisement, content creation, whitepaper, website development and more. DAO will be on charge that will identify bugs along with focusing on user interference, workflows, numerical parameter, as community will be having freedom test and improve product via feedback loops. Launchpad will be focusing on the task like ICO, IDO, presale and fund-raising program in one stop.

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Seedify fund mechanism project founder will have follow specific rule that include proposing project for seed funding with KYC page. As every project need to gets 80% positive votes for qualify for seed funding. 3% token will be distributed to sfund token holder and also get funding from the official funding pool.

Seedify.Fund Price Prediction

Month & YearSFUND Price Prediction
July 2021$1.89
August 2021$3.51
September 2021$3.96
October 2021$4.26
November 2021$4.87
December 2021$6.55
January 2022$7.06
February 2022$10.76
March 2022$12.69
April 2022$14.84
May 2022$13.82
June 2022$17.22
July 2022$18.46
August 2022$20.61
September 2022$16.42
October 2022$19.59
November 2022$23.22
December 2022$20.73
April 2023$22.09
August 2023$24.92
January 2025$51.08
March 2025$46.66
May 2025$50.06
July 2025$44.28
September 2025$51.31
October 2025$53.01
Decemeber 2025$55.72
January 2030$98.76
March 2030$104.65
May 2030$113.71
July 2030$118.02
September 2030$108.96
December 2030$121.76

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Seedify.Fund Overview

Ticker SymbolSFUND
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onLaunchpad, Fund raising
Launched year2020
Exchange PlatformBakerySwap, Pancakeswap, Julswap
WalletMetamask, Trustwallet
PartnerChainlink, Mochi Finance, Hotbit

SFUND Price Analysis

SFUND Token has more values in the project, because whole project is managed or directed by token only. SFUND token is currently based on BSC Network with token standard BEP-20. SFUND holder will be having multiple tasks to perform that include voting for new project, staking and many more. SFUND gets rewards for staking token, as 3% token supply from every project will be distributed to holder. IDO based token value sees growth whenever new IDO announce, as more ROI listed project gets more will be the value of Token launchpad.

SFUND as of writing trading at $1.5 to $2 USD, as platform host more seed funding and IDO launchpad round more investor will show interest. We know launchpad has criteria of locking token or staking token for long term that decide allocation in upcoming project. so, ROI of listed project will decide future of platform.

Seedify Fund Price Prediction


Will SFUND hit $10?

Expected after 2021.

Is Seedify.Fund Good Investment?

SFUND staking program and being IDO launchpad token every token holder will gets benefit like free token airdrop and allocation to listed projects.


Seedify.Fund all one solution that not only help to fund raising but also help project to grow at top level. Every project before launching need to focus on multiple factors that include marketing, community, documentation, digital advertisement and complete product. Seedify is complete package that powered by community with Decentralized autonomous organization. In 2021, many launchpads or fund raising platform launched with clear focus of more advanced and transparent ecosystem. as of writing, Platform like Polkastarter, Paid network, BSCPAD hosting highest no of IDO and in that Seedify will be the strong competitor.

Seedify.Fund Rating