Shiba Inu (Shib) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is meme based Decentralized Finance i.e., DeFi Token that grow into energetic ecosystem. Shib Token is ticker symbol of Shiba Inu ecosystem that nothing but experiment to building community. Shiba price will be lower than many existing cryptocurrencies, where developer wanted to provide user to hold coins in billion or trillion in numbers. Shiba strongly believes in strategy letting traders holding huge number of token with burn, buy back and more program it keep pushing price to the moon.

Shiba inu coin nicknamed as Dogecoin Killer as community aiming to build Dogecoin competitor in meme niche. Shiba Token is ERC20 only token built on Ethereum network with worth below penny and expected to outpace Doge. From total Supply of SHIB Token 50% will be locked in uniswap for providing liquidity. Project believes to go fully decentralized where no supply will be owned by team, as all Shib supply distributed within community. Shiba gets limelight because of Elon musk rapid tweets about memecoin and being one the top alternative of Dogecoin.

Shib coin currently listed on uniswap with most of liquidity already locked, as token burn will continues as per schedule. The project also aiming to build shibaswap, where user scan cross-chain token and also list shib token on it. SHIB Token holder will be getting incentives on Shibswap platform along with special rewards.

Shiba Inu Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearSHIB Price Prediction
December 2021$0.0001052
January 2022$0.0001616
February 2022$0.0001774
March 2022$0.0001876
April 2022$0.0002089
May 2022$0.0002672
June 2022$0.0002850
July 2022$0.0004139
August 2022$0.0004809
September 2022$0.0005557
October 2022$0.0005991
November 2022$0.0006385
December 2022$0.0006819
March 2023$0.0007568
June 2023$0.0006109
September 2023$0.0007213
December 2023$0.0008474
January 2025$0.0007646
February 2025$0.0015766
March 2025$0.0016948
April 2025$0.0018170
May 2025$0.0016633
July 2025$0.0017815
September 2025$0.0015805
October 2025$0.0018249
November 2025$0.0019234
Decemeber 2025$0.0019786
January 2030$0.0034764
March 2030$0.0035631
May 2030$0.0039966
July 2030$0.0041464
September 2030$0.0039099
December 2030$0.0043159

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Shiba token Overview

Project nameShiba Inu
Ticker SymbolSHIB Token
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
Based onMeme
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Hotbit, 1inch Exchange, MXC, Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, OKEx
WalletMetamask Wallet

Shib Token Price Analysis

Shiba Inu Token two major listing pushing new limits in term of gaining market cap volume. Coinbase, Binance listing completely changed momentum and because of that positive news Shiba outranked highly functional crypto project including chainlink, Luna and more. Shiba competition with dogecoin already begin and their social media account stats also telling similar story. however, Shiba community should start working on utility that can help project to add more investor as well as real utility will definitely add value towards project.

most of you already started catching about stats of investing $1k USD in 2020 now worth around $200 million, but being honest no one thought this memecoin will gained such as huge volume. Shiba inu outperform during bullish wave of meme coin and because of high return investor also choosing meme coins over real utility project. Audit report, top exchange listing, contract security and risk of investing are fade away from project, as this may be possible reason behind current bull run. Coinbase and Binance has criteria like market cap volume, community activity, audit and other 50 factor, and because Shiba listed on their platform that clearly indicate Shiba token is safe to trade.

SHIB token gaining huge response from investor as long-term holder surging on daily basis. As per data of CMC, Shib diluted market cap already crosses $2 billion marker cap volume. in the all-time ROI reaches to 131349.79% as of writing and SHIB continues it bullish run after surging by almost 500% in less than 1 hours. Shib along with uniswap also listed on other CEX including Hotbit and MXC. Binance, Huobi and other major exchange with billion number userbase now started lisiting Shiba Token that would be game changer. Shiba Token jumped into top 100 top crypto project and in just 4 days SHIB Token jumped by almost 1000% i.e., 10x in price. Shiba getting same hype as Dogecoin, because Elon musk retweet about shifting focus on this new meme coin. Shiba market cap volume now enter into billion club and this Binance listing will be helping to reach $0.1 USD very soon. Shiba token strategy has only one target i.e. keeping price in bullish sentiment and that is the main key of attraction.

Uniswap is not only place to buy Shiba now, as gas fees issue will not be problem now, on centralized exchange user can now easily trade this coin. we know more tweet and supporter will join this project soon and that could help to maintain bullish sentiment.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction


We strongly suggest to do your own research before investing in this type of Crypto project. as this project is not strongly backed by any concept or innovation, as it just DeFi meme Token which aiming to attract best artist with their Artist incubator. ShibSwap launching somewhere in April month and that could be possible reason why Shib demand continue to grow. However, rescue feature will save Shibas by recusing them worldwide for they community is already built and also utilizing effort of smile amazon. However, percentage of investment from the user will go to support of rescued shibas. Shiba Project after one tweet changes its momentum and now team is working on more feature and not doubt shiba memes having similar response as Doge memes, so Shiba token now enter into competition of meme coin. Shiba inu undoubtedly one of the most searched cryptocurrency on google and other social media platform and it already help many traders to become millionaire.

Project already enter into top 50 crypto considering diluted market cap reported by CMC and coingecko. Shiba token surprisingly no longer just memecoin and it way above that and it is already in the radar of many crypto trader. Shiba Inu NFT is one of the most expensive NFT along with Dogecoin NFT and traders buying its fraction as future investment. at last, thanks to elon musk for indirectly lifting meme coin and making many people millionaire.

Shiba Inu Rating