Small Doge (SDOG) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is The Small Doge Coin?

The Small Doge Coin is another decentralized project member of “Dog Crypto” family like Doge coin and Shiba Inu token. It is launched just 3 weeks ago on 21st April 2021 on UniSwap trade exchange. Goal of this project to achieve balance between Centralized and Decentralized exchanges in crypto industry, also they want to synchronize them in a such way that they won’t look like  standalone entities. This will really help crypto players to rapidly invest in and sold out bucks no matter whether it is listed on CEX(Centralized Exchange) or DEX(Decentralized Exchanged).

The Small Doge Coin treats themselves as a son of popular DogeCoin with eternal life . Like its ancestors this SDOG is also ERC20 only token built on Ethereum Network. The only but major fundamental difference we can see between SDOG and DOGE coin is Supply Hard cap. There won’t be SDOG coins more than 128,756,977,746,000 if we round to seal then it is around 129 Trillion SDOGs.

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If we have a look at SDOG Token Mechanism then we can clearly see that majority of part(50%) is assigned for mining, 35% is for airdrop and then 5% each for Initial liquidity, Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin. So, we can hope that Elon and Vitalik, and those who invested in Early stages of Small Doge coin are going to hodl this SDOG coins for longer period, which will help in pumping up the price.

Disclaimer :-

This Project is Highest Risk and Highest Return kind of Project. Invest at your own Risk.
Never Invest Money that you can’t afford to lose in such projects.

Small Doge Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearSDOG Price Prediction
July 2021$0.000001
August 2021$0.000002
September 2021$0.000002
October 2021$0.000002
November 2021$0.000002
December 2021$0.000003
January 2022$0.000004
February 2022$0.000005
March 2022$0.000006
April 2022$0.000007
May 2022$0.000007
June 2022$0.000009
July 2022$0.000009
August 2022$0.000010
September 2022$0.000008
October 2022$0.000010
November 2022$0.000012
December 2022$0.000010
April 2023$0.000011
August 2023$0.000013
January 2025$0.000026
March 2025$0.000024
May 2025$0.000025
July 2025$0.000022
September 2025$0.000026
October 2025$0.000027
Decemeber 2025$0.000028
January 2030$0.000050
March 2030$0.000053
May 2030$0.000057
July 2030$0.000059
September 2030$0.000055
December 2030$0.000061

Small Doge Coin Overview

Project nameThe Small Doge
Ticker SymbolSDOG Coin
Total Supply128,756,977,746,000
Inspired FromDOGE coin and Elon Musk
Launched year2021
All-time highN/A
Exchange PlatformCoinW, ZB and HOO
WalletMetaMask Wallet
SDOG Overview

Small Doge Coin Price Analysis

Official Account of Small Doge Coin claims that it has already 100x in period of just 20 days and aiming to achieve 1000x in coming days. Also, there are many other claims by SDOG official such as price of SDOG up by 50x after launching CoinW. The biggest one is, SDOG is now 3rd largest crypto held by Ethereum Founder Vitalik’s Wallet with fund of around 6 Trillion SDOG Coins worth 10Million USD (at the time of writing on 10th May 13UTC).

Small Doge Price Prediction

Looking at the above facts shared by Small Doge Official, it seems that this SDOG will reach many more milestones in coming weeks or months. But the thing is the early adapter will be having most of the benefit through this SDOG.


This Small Doge Coin is already whitelisted by major crypto exchanges such as CoinW, HOO, HyperPay and ZB. Out of which trading is launched on CoinW exchanges and other exchanges are also in the queue. Although we can’t predict that SDOG will be listed on Binance, MXC, Gate and many more. But at least SDOG team is going to approach them in near future for sure as per their official website.

So, this coin has potential for early adapters, but for late adapters it might be a nightmare, as people who have invested early might dump their SDOG coin at any time. We categorize this project as High-Profit and High-Risk kind of crypto project, so you should only invest your bucks which will not impact you even if all of it is lost.

You should always do a proper research and if needed take advice from financial advisor, before making any decision to invest in any assets like stocks, crypto and so on. You only will be responsible for any profit or loss by investing in such assets. No prediction is perfect in this world, therefore it called as prediction. So, invest wisely and go through our disclaimer page for more info.