Stopelon Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Stopelon?

Stop Elon community centric meme categorized token that aiming to end crypto market manipulation. Stopelon referring to Tesla owner Elon musk to stop tweeting about Bitcoin and crypto market. This project founded after Elon musk in recent month elon musk was targeting Bitcoin, dogecoin and other altcoins helping them in pumping.

Elon Musk announces that Tesla car can be purchased using Bitcoin and right now he drops this idea by saying Bitcoin is not centralized. After that tweet whole market turn into red candle with huge volume dropped recorded. Before that he also makes comment over dogecoin of being fundamentally weak that again create panic situation and market dropped.

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This market dropped affect lot of investor that’s why community starts criticizing elon musk. However, at one we know his tweet was responsible for this panic situation and now every coin is suffering. StopElon is born with mission of stopping Elon to talk about crypto and spreading of fund news. Stopelon also having similar strategy of BUY and HODL, where 12% transaction fees collected from every transaction with 12% price slippage.

Stopelon Price Prediction

Month & YearStopElon Price Prediction
July 2021$0.000116900
August 2021$0.000217000
September 2021$0.000245000
October 2021$0.000263200
November 2021$0.000301000
December 2021$0.000404600
January 2022$0.000436100
February 2022$0.000665000
March 2022$0.000784000
April 2022$0.000917000
May 2022$0.000854000
June 2022$0.001064000
July 2022$0.001141000
August 2022$0.001274000
September 2022$0.001015000
October 2022$0.001211000
November 2022$0.001435000
December 2022$0.001281000
April 2023$0.001365000
August 2023$0.001540000
January 2025$0.003157000
March 2025$0.002884000
May 2025$0.003094000
July 2025$0.002737000
September 2025$0.003171000
October 2025$0.003276000
Decemeber 2025$0.003444000
January 2030$0.006104000
March 2030$0.006468000
May 2030$0.007028000
July 2030$0.007294000
September 2030$0.006734000
December 2030$0.007525000

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StopElon Overview

Project nameStopElon
Ticker SymbolSTOPELON
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
Based onMeme token
Launched year2021
All-time high$0.00008275 USD
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet

Stopelon Coin Price Analysis

STOPELON Token is just 24 hours has gained huge volume from investor, as of writing more token already crossed 6000 strong holder mark. Stopelon BEP-20 Token based on Binance smart chain, which can be traded on Pancakeswap with BNB, WBNB and BUSD. As per chart of Poocoin lowest recorded price of Stopelon is $0.00000061 and it hits $0.000082 all time high record. considering opening price STOPELON is already up by 133x and eying to cross 200x within 24 hours of launch. STOPELON yet to get centralized exchange listing that could help to connect more investor.

StopElon Price Prediction

Is StopElon a Good investment?

High return High Risk that based on community and holders.


Stopelon gaining huge attention from news channel, as more than 20 news portals already posted about this coin. Now, top popular crypto social media influencer already started campaign of $STOPELON. New18, Tom’s Guide, Benzinga, Republic world, Input Mag, HITC, Newsweek, the sun and more already posted article about this meme token. Stop could be another shiba token who can be listed on top exchange like Binance or other top centralized exchange. Google trends, twitter already exploded with STOPELON search and now this token trending on multiple social media. we will suggest you do your own research before investor; we are just providing your update and prediction based on trends.