Tezos Price Prediction 2020, 2021 | XTZ Coin Future Forecast Till $10

Tezos Price Prediction  

Tezos run is not that good as compared to its starting price as after ICO it was launched for with price $4.43 USD and then in just 2 days it drops to $1.97 with 55%, but that was not prime to launch cryptocurrency because due to back to back threat to market it almost every coin was dropping with huge percentage and getting new coin the desired opening was very difficult task but still investor started showing interest in Tezos which result it shows positive growth on market cap value and now it only falls into top 10 cryptocurrency list but heading back to cross its launching price, as Tezos currently trading at price $3.26 from average price of $1.2 USD in just less than 2 months and if current rate of growth continues till end of March then XTZ Coin surely crossing $5 USD mark with strong Hold.  

Tezos Price Prediction

As there are many positive things happen with Tezos like they recently bag partnership with Brazil’s biggest investment bank in which they surely added some amount into their market cap as well as they are going to have a partnership with Singapore Government Blockchain platform, so backed by two of the most popular country in Asia and America, Tezos was experiencing 20% per day growth and expected to see more in the upcoming month.  

Tezos Price Prediction 2020 

in 2020 Tezos will complete 2 years in the crypto market, as so far 2020 is the game-changer year for many cryptocurrencies where almost more than 50% of hiked in price was seen since January 2020, as we know Tezos is tough competitor for Ethereum Blockchain with having better feature in smart contact and open-source Blockchain in which allow Developer to work with system and self-improving technology always help to make this network better by itself, now talking about what will XTZ Coin price when year-end is near then hopefully with current per month growth rate of 50% for remaining 10 month which means 500% growth rate with current average price is $9 USD and if we considering current price then it will be trading at somewhere between $16 to $17 USD in December 2020.  

Month & Year   Price Prediction in USD 
March 2020 $3.3 USD 
April 2020 $3.5 USD 
May 2020 $4.1 USD 
June 2020 $4.5 USD 
July 2020 $4.75 USD 
August 2020 $5.54 USD 
September 2020 $6.7 USD 
October 2020 $6.4 USD 
November 2020 $7.2 USD 
December 2020 $7.45 USD 

 Note: above prediction set after following report of January to February 2020.  

Tezos Future Forecast  

as Tezos was expected to launch in 2017 but due legal issues and Exchange policies, so after this they somehow manage to launch in 2018 and now they officially launched wallet and may top trading portal started listed Tezos and direct trading is available, so being at 10th position on coin market cap list, it very difficult to maintain position because higher you rank higher to get attention so there are three big competitors i.e. Cardano, Chainlink and Stellar and of this having $0.5 Billion less market cap value than Tezos and after looking at growing rate and partnership hype we are seeing Chainlink to be entered into Top 10 position and give tough competition to Tezos.  

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as Tezos Price Prediction pretty much solid in 2020 year but talking about 2 to 5 year from now for those who looking for long term investment then Tezos will be next bigger thing because they are very innovative and active in terms of technology upgrade and they also using automatic update technology which is enough to get top investor or bigger companies may show interest in future. as recently Tezos is now available on Coinbase and will be available on some more popular portal.  

Tezos Wiki     

Cryptocurrency Name Tezos 
Ticker Symbol      XTZ 
Platform Smart Contact Blockchain 
Date of Established      30th July 2018 
Supply 694,191,974 XTZ 
Website Tezos.com 
Raking By Market Cap  10th  
Partner  Tribe, ReitBZ, Dalma Capital 
Based on Smart Contact Auto-upgrade 

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