UMA Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is UMA?

UMA stand for Universal Market Access. UMA provide open source infrastructure under title UMA Protocol for creating synthetic tokens. It is based on priceless financial contract based on Ethereum blockchain. basically, it offers developers and business to create as well as verify financial contract with decentralized and trustless manner. So, using UMA protocol user can build their own financial product that will be available around the globe.

UMA contract supported Asset supported by ERC20 Token and Oracle mechanism and uses Data Verification mechanism. So, using this technology UMA aim to enable faster, secure and efficient synthetics assets. DVM plays important role on the ecosystem as based on decentralized oracle services that manages price request from users. However, UMA oracle allows blockchain and smart contract to connect with off-chain data with trustless manner.

UMA token i.e. governance ERC-20 Token uses proof of stake mechanism. However, these tokens will be used to request price data for smart contract and also their vote can be revealed and committed on-chain. however, project strongly believing decentralized Finance to offer oracle solution.

UMA Price Prediction

Month & YearUMA Price Prediction
November 2020$11.1353
December 2020$12.9742
January 2021$12.0547
February 2021$12.7698
March 2021$14.8130
April 2021$15.7324
May 2021$13.4850
June 2021$17.0605
July 2021$17.6735
August 2021$19.1037
September 2021$15.9368
October 2021$19.3080
November 2021$22.5771
December 2021$23.7008
January 2022$21.7598
February 2022$27.2764
March 2022$29.9325
April 2022$34.1210
May 2022$37.0836
June 2022$34.4275
July 2022$39.3311
August 2022$37.6966
September 2022$23.7008
October 2022$24.4159
November 2022$26.1526
December 2022$28.0937
January 2025$28.4001
March 2025$29.3196
May 2025$80.6033
July 2025$79.4795
October 2025$84.0767
Decemeber 2025$96.3357
January 2030$89.2867
March 2030$135.2582
May 2030$144.2482
July 2030$139.8553
October 2030$142.8179
December 2030$154.4640

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UMA Overview

Project nameUMA
Ticker SymbolUMA
Total Supply100,684,611
Based onSmart contract
Launched year2018
All-time high$7.86 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Hoo, Balancer, MXC, 1inch Exchange, Bilaxy, Poloniex, Bibox, MXC, Coinex
WalletMetamask, Ledger

UMA ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$520,000 USD
Date of ICO26 April 2020
ICO Price$0.26 USD
PartnersPlaceholder, BainCapital Ventures, Blockchain Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, Box Group, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Fintech Collective.
UMA Price Prediction

UMA Price Analysis

On 26th May 2020 UMA started their trading with average price $1.33 USD and after that it started following neutral trend with small price fluctuation. Since, mid of July 2020 UMA sees growth in market cap volume with almost 6 times hiked in trading volume and after it continue surge. in less than 2-month UMA changed from $1.70 USD to $7.75 USD i.e. almost 700%, so all this factor positively impacted UMA to gained ranking on Crypto market.


How Much UMA Worth in 2030?

Probably worth $30 USD.

Is UMA a Good Investment?

Yes, long term will be better choice.


UMA with oracle wanted to create decentralized financial platform to offers solution in financial field. UMA was under developed since 2018 and the company having experience 12 years in software field. So, project aiming to provide solution to user because they can own independent finance product. Data verification mechanism (DVM) oracle infrastructure enable economic security for smart contract and also oracle system in decentralized system.  

UMA Rating