VIS (Vigorus) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Vigorus?

Vigorus more popular with its VIS is in game currency of Pegaxy Play to earn game ecosystem. Pegaxy currently one of the most popular Metaverse game based on Polygon aka Matic network. Game currently having more than 100k active user and daily adding new user as scholar as well as owner. Pegaxy basically horse racing game, where Horse act as NFT and can race in the virtual world.

In the gameplay horse can join competition in that top 3 player will reward with VIS. As of now every player can play maximum 25 races and maximum 15 player can join in one lobby. Currently game under development phase and skill based is likely launched in Q3 2022.

VIS gained huge popularity in the community after seeing huge gained since its listing, as it touched $0.25 USD price at high, which is 25x from listing price. VIS fairly launched by Team, as no IDO, pre-minted and team distribution was planned. Currently, VIS main utility is breeding Horse, as each horse can breed 7 times and as breed count increase number of VIS required for breeding also increase.

VIS Price Prediction

Month & YearVIS Price Prediction
March 2023#N/A
April 2023#N/A
May 2023#N/A
June 2023#N/A
July 2023#N/A
August 2023#N/A
September 2023#N/A
October 2023#N/A
November 2023#N/A
December 2023#N/A
January 2024#N/A
March 2024#N/A
April 2024#N/A
July 2024#N/A
October 2024#N/A
January 2025#N/A
February 2025#N/A
March 2025#N/A
April 2025#N/A
May 2025#N/A
June 2025#N/A
July 2025#N/A
August 2025#N/A
September 2025#N/A
October 2025#N/A
November 2025#N/A
Decemeber 2025#N/A
January 2030#N/A
March 2030#N/A
May 2030#N/A
July 2030#N/A
September 2030#N/A
December 2030#N/A

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Vigorus Overview

Project namePegaxy
Ticker SymbolVIS
Total SupplyUnlimited
Launched year2021
WalletMetamask, WalletConnet

VIS Price Analysis

VIS is based on Polygon network and currently listed only on decentralized exchange i.e. kyberswap. VIS has unlimited supply and its price momentum mostly depend on burning mechanism that include breeding, name change and other in game feature. However, as per roadmap Stadium will be on the sale and actual skill based game will launch. This major update will push VIS price to the moon, so many guilds currently focusing on breeding and hopefully in next Bull Run many diamond hand will take profit from game. As of writing VIS price dumped below $0.01, as 2 major guild has sold VIS instead of horse, as selling horse was more beneficial than direct VIS selling. Game community already reached above 200k and expected hit 500k mark soon.

Current Game model based on RNG, as every horse win rate percentage is different with each other. Win rate falls between 15% to 40%, as per the data and this percentage keeps of changing. Horse will be have different stats and once skill based game launch every horse will be gets advantage as per stadium class.


Is VIS a worth Investment?

Instead of VIS, Buying Horse more beneficial.

Will VIS Reach $1?

If SLP hitting this mark then no one can stop Pegaxy too.


Pegaxy considering growing phase of metaverse and play to earn space has great potential. Pegaxy in terms of graphics, development, team experience, updates, roadmap and many other is exceptionally awesome. Mobile game also is in making and that could attract more player and with shortage of horse will help to increase price of in game currency. Stadium will be coming with plan of massive burning of VIS and Horse too, as owner need to kill horse in order to get stadium. Stadium will be having multiple use cases and that will attract more new as well as early investor.