Alice (My Neighbor Alice) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2030, 2050

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice NFT based multiplayer builder game built on Blockchain technology. Project will be having multiple items to buy or own which include virtual islands, animals, avatars, houses, trees and other cosmetic items. however, player can also collect, create new existing items and also meet with in-games new friends Alice not only focusing on Blockchain player with this game will bring million players into blockchain technology.

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Alice inspired by multiple popular games like animal crossing, Minecraft, stardew valley and more farmed based games. so, users can experience game play and other hand collection and trading of NFT will also there. Game will have interesting things to attract more gamers, as it gives real world experience to user. as each player will be having different avatar, as it can be modified with asset integration to look different with each other.

Marketplace will be the most important part of Alice platform, as asset, islands and other in games items can be purchase, sold and own. Game design will have focus on providing experience of own the game by enable exercising power to the users. moreover, in game rules will be followed by DAO model where it enables democratic governance model. Chromia blockchain will be support network in order to add advanced blockchain and DeFi features. as mentioned, activities where user can get experience of fishing, bug catching, beekeeping more will be added.

Alice Price Prediction

Month & YearALICE Price Prediction
August 2021$15.6513
September 2021$29.0534
October 2021$32.8022
November 2021$35.2389
December 2021$40.2999
January 2022$54.1705
February 2022$58.3879
March 2022$89.0346
April 2022$104.9671
May 2022$122.7740
June 2022$114.3391
July 2022$142.4553
August 2022$152.7646
September 2022$170.5715
October 2022$135.8949
November 2022$162.1366
December 2022$192.1272
March 2023$171.5087
June 2023$182.7552
September 2023$206.1853
January 2025$422.6799
March 2025$386.1289
May 2025$414.2451
July 2025$366.4476
September 2025$424.5543
October 2025$438.6124
Decemeber 2025$461.1054
January 2030$817.2437
March 2030$865.9784
May 2030$940.9549
July 2030$976.5687
September 2030$901.5922
December 2030$1,007.4965

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My Neighbor Alice Overview

Project nameMy Neighbor Alice
Ticker SymbolAlice
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onGaming Blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high 
Exchange PlatformBinance, Pancakeswap
WalletBinance Wallet, Metamask

Alice ICO Overview

Platform usedBinance Launchpad
Raised byNA
Date of ICO15th March 2021
PartnersNeo Global Capital, Kyros Ventures, APRA, Bounce, ankr, Bella, Maker, Asymm Ventures, Blockchain Game Alliance.

Alice Coin Price Analysis

Alice Token is in-game currency and native token of Alice ecosystem. Alice will be having multiple uses where in the marketplaces user can purchase asset and special skill sets. Owing Alice Token gives ecosystem participant freedom to vote for creating rules, future updates and more decision of project. staking and player incentives will be provided to user for plot sales, asset sales and transaction fees. Alice Token will be listed on Binance platform on 15th march 2021, as BNB, CHR and BUSD staker will receive ALICE token as rewards. Alice possible to start with below $1 USD and it can go upto $10 USD in 2021.

Alice Coin Price Prediction


How Much Alice Worth in 2030?

Probably reaching $10 USD.

Is My Neighbor Alice Good Investment?

Gamers who love to play farm-based games will consider this game as investment, as its value will continue to grow in marketplace as time fly.


DeFi and NFT’s is continue to gaining attention from investor and NFT collector, as gaming or virtual based project massively gaining attention from users. so, Blockchain with gaming integration now fees more interesting than having simple investing. My Neighbor Alice is 18th project on Binance launchpad and as per success of all project previously launched and its overall overview, it will be next big thing in future. Creating NFTs and selling at marketplace will be the new rising trend and as more people join more will be the value of token.

My Neighbor Alice Rating