Alien Worlds (TLM) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What are Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is blockchain project which is combination of three NFT, DeFi and Game. Platform fully based on gaming with metaverse theme that hosted different competition and collaboration with participate or players. Alien Worlds currently live on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Wax Blockchain that gives freedom to user with choose their favourite network. however, BSC integration could help to reduce gas fees in mining and NFT collections

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 The NFT metaverse will allow user to explore different planet inside game, as every planet will differentiate with variety of lands. Multiple planets with different type of lands can be owner by player or central authority of specific planet. Anyone can join this game to earn ecosystem token by participating in mining, as user need to login into game with wax wallet login and then official gaming portal.

In the end Trilium (TLM) will be key element of the game, where everyone competing and mining to earn Trilium. Explorer participate will receive Trilium token as rewards from planets of metaverse, as every metaverse are decentralized autonomous organisation that automatically received TLM on daily basis from central metaverse contract. however, every planet will be having different structure and they are independent that offer own games UIS and NFTs.

Alien Worlds Price Prediction

Month & YearTLM Price Prediction
October 2021$0.24
November 2021$0.36
December 2021$0.40
January 2022$0.42
February 2022$0.45
March 2022$0.34
April 2022$0.40
May 2022$0.44
June 2022$0.52
July 2022$0.53
August 2022$0.58
September 2022$0.61
October 2022$0.60
November 2022$0.69
December 2022$0.63
March 2023$0.71
June 2023$0.65
September 2023$0.70
December 2023$0.66
January 2025$0.71
March 2025$1.82
May 2025$2.04
July 2025$2.36
September 2025$2.15
October 2025$2.11
November 2025$2.47
Decemeber 2025$2.54
January 2030$5.45
March 2030$5.79
May 2030$6.51
July 2030$5.99
September 2030$6.90
December 2030$7.15

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Alien Words Overview

Project nameAlien Words
Ticker SymbolTLM
Total Supply5,155,680,394
Based onNFT Games
Launched year2020
All-time high$7.19 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, MXC, Gate, DODO, Hoo

TLM ICO Overview

Platform usedBinance Launchpad
Raised by$2000000 USD
Date of ICO6th May 2021
PartnersPlanet Binance, Wax, Anomoca brands, hillrise capital, LD Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Momentum, Longling capital.  

TLM Price Analysis

Trilium i.e., TLM is nothing but utility token and called as in-game currency of Alien World Metaverse. TLM is very important on platform that not only gives access to gameplay but earning or rewards also distributed in the same currency. TLM is based on ERC20 token standard based on Ethereum network with capped supply of 5 billion. TLM mining will allow user to get NFT rewards by using uses Tool NFTs on a Land NFT. Owning TLM can vote weekly in DAO election, as government formed for every planet.

TLM got reach to billion of investor after being Binance launchpad project, later it listed on Binance trading platform. TLM after listing get huge demand, where it reaches to $7.14 USD all time high. However, in recent time it dropped below $1 USD that probably because BNB and BUSD receive TLM token for staking rewards on Binance. TLM still gaining huge market volume apart form Binance and we more player joining the platform that could help bring bullish sentiment.

Alien Worlds Price Prediction


Will Alien World hit $10?

After Binance listing TLM was very close to hit $10 USD, as it we could expect TLM reaching $10 before end of 2021.

Is TLM a Good Investment?

In the Alien World owning lands or even staking allow user to earn passive income with yield farming technique.


Alien Worlds NFT metaverse is 2nd most popular and highest rated dApp by community on DappRadar. Alien Worlds was 19th official Binance Launchpool project distributed to user who staking BNB and BUSD. Project gained huge user based immediate after Binance listing announcement, as it on the day launching TLM is one of the most searched coin, which gets more hits than Bitcoin and other top crypto. Alien world giving gaming experience along with innovation like land owning with multiple logic could definitely attract more investor in future.

Alien Worlds Rating