Antiample (XAMP) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Antiample?

Antiample stands on Ampleforth protocol i.e. terms as Anti ampleforth but it actually designed to destroy supply. So, in short term antiample quoted Ampleforth will take cares of replicating fiat and we will destroy it. Antiample uses XAMP token as utility or burning token-based ERC-20 token on Ethereum Blockchain. Antiample plays important role in maintaining supply that ultimately lower risk of price fluctuation to obtained price stability.

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Antiample will be different from active ERC-20 based token because It will continue decrease the supply as per the demand. If in case XAMP value dropped then supply of XAMP will be destroy and vice versa. It follows percentage pattern where decrease or increase of supply will be equally cut from \holders’ supply. Basically, it will depend on how much Ampleforth issue token supply and demand then Antiample will destroy it.

Bill Drummond anonymous group of developer wanted to return cryptocurrency to its root and team behind development of this new asset class further. As of writing XAMP coin holder can earn TOB token, so founder of XAMP with series of tweet explain about project and also planned to launch more project soon.

Antiample Price Prediction

Month & YearXAMP Price Prediction
August 2021$0.0036
September 2021$0.0067
October 2021$0.0075
November 2021$0.0081
December 2021$0.0092
January 2022$0.0124
February 2022$0.0134
March 2022$0.0204
April 2022$0.0240
May 2022$0.0281
June 2022$0.0262
July 2022$0.0326
August 2022$0.0350
September 2022$0.0391
October 2022$0.0311
November 2022$0.0371
December 2022$0.0440
March 2023$0.0393
June 2023$0.0418
September 2023$0.0472
January 2025$0.0968
March 2025$0.0884
May 2025$0.0949
July 2025$0.0839
September 2025$0.0972
October 2025$0.1004
Decemeber 2025$0.1056
January 2030$0.1871
March 2030$0.1983
May 2030$0.2155
July 2030$0.2236
September 2030$0.2065
December 2030$0.2307

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Antiample Overview

Project nameAntiample
Ticker SymbolXAMP
Total Supply990,000,000
Based onDestroy supply
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.020 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, 1inch Exchange
WalletMetamask, Ledger
Antiample Price Prediction

Antiample Price Analysis

XAMP is trending on twitter with quote Antiample on the moon. As of writing XAMP in less than 24 hours surged with 120% and continue its bullish trend. however, XAMP almost complete 2 week of listing and maintaining ROI over 100%. On 1st August it was trading at $0.0087 USD and after registering $10 million USD worth on 16th august it reaches to $0.020 USD i.e. all time high for now. Antiample has listed on uniswap can be exchange with ETH and has potential in upcoming weeks to continue its bullish run.


Will XAMP Reach $0.1 USD?

Yes, that can take more 6 to 8 years.

Is Antiample a Good Investment?

Yes, as of now it is best to invest for healthy ROI.


Bill Drummond gaining huge popularity where they have started with project Token of Babel (TOB) i.e. Gamified based blockchain project. Now with Antiample project aim to solve of price stability with simple mechanism of destruction of token. This mechanism not that much successful in the many case of Destroy supply-based Cryptocurrency. Antiample sees huge growth market cap volume and with Ampleforth protocol price may pump in future.

AntiAmple Rating