Arweave (AR) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Arweave?

Arweave is blockchain based data storage platform that help user to storage their documents and other data. it enables serverless web and provide permanent solution for developer and user without downtime. Arweave was introduced in 2018 aim to create scalable infrastructure for data economy with thigher throughput.

Arweave has permanently fixed problem of high fees on-chain data storage by replacing low cost solution. In the updated solution Arweave based on Blockweave, Proof of Access, Wildfire and Blockshadows. However, Blockweave i.e. work as data storage protocol uses proof of access consensus mechanism. Arweave adopted new features tat allow nodes to run key network functions without going through full chain. in proof of access (POA) enable external data storage, storage can be expandable depending on amount of electricity. However, it has similar working Proof of Work.

Network follows unique economic structure build for miner to ensure uptime for data including fast delivery speed. entire project pushing decentralized behaviour to offer data storage, sharing, collaboration, privacy & protection. Project introduced Permaweb i.e. global and community owned web platform. in permaweb where user get paid to maintaining and contribution on the network. permaweb will solve issue including 404 error, stealth edits and no web apps with quality loss. The perman web is built on top of HTTP protocol and it is collection of interlink web application and document.

Arweave Price Prediction

Month & YearAR Price Prediction
November 2020$4.8935
December 2020$5.7016
January 2021$5.2975
February 2021$5.6118
March 2021$6.5097
April 2021$6.9137
May 2021$5.9260
June 2021$7.4973
July 2021$7.7667
August 2021$8.3952
September 2021$7.0035
October 2021$8.4850
November 2021$9.9216
December 2021$10.4155
January 2022$9.5625
February 2022$11.9868
March 2022$13.1540
April 2022$14.9947
May 2022$16.2966
June 2022$15.1294
July 2022$17.2843
August 2022$16.5660
September 2022$10.4155
October 2022$10.7297
November 2022$11.4929
December 2022$12.3459
January 2025$12.4806
March 2025$12.8846
May 2025$35.4216
July 2025$34.9277
October 2025$36.9480
Decemeber 2025$42.3353
January 2030$39.2376
March 2030$59.4400
May 2030$63.3907
July 2030$61.4602
October 2030$62.7622
December 2030$67.8801

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Arweave Overview

Project nameArweave
Ticker SymbolAR Token
Total Supply66,000,000
Based onStorage Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$7.81 USD
Exchange PlatformHoo, MXC, Bittrex, Bilaxy, Hotbit.
WalletArweave Wallet

AR Token ICO Overview

Platform usedOWN Wallet
Raised by$8,700,000 USD
Date of ICO6 july 2018
ICO Price$0.76 USD
PartnersGitcoin, Internet Archive, Techstars, Multicoin Capital, 1kx, USV, Coinbase Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, IWF.

Arweave Price Analysis

Arweave will be fuel by AR Token and that also utilize power their storage. in may 2020 AR token listed on CMC with average price $0.59 USD and after following mix trend it surges to reach to $7.09 USD highest in august 2020. AT token can be medium for basic transaction on platform including data storage plans upgradation or availing product by developers. However, server need to maintain AR Token for handling request for writing data. Token also used to fees to miners for maintaining weave network.

Arweave Price Prediction


How much AR Token Worth in 2030?

AR token 9 year from now in 2030, may worth more than $60 USD.

Is Arweave a Good Investment?

Yes, project has potential in storage industry and considering future and demand of decentralized storage Arweave will be top picture.


In the wave of Decentralized Finance now storage based blockchain also gaining market volume. Arweave computing with different storage-based platform and already defeated existing blockchain including Storj, Siacoin and other. in storage column Arweave is 2nd most successful storage blockchain based network with decentralized feature. It gives full control over data and help you store data, document, apps with less fees.

Arweave Rating