Axion (AXN) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What Is Axion?

Hex2t officially announced rebranding their project to Axion network. however, along with change in name new network will debuted to start decentralized finance innovation. Axion said to be global currency and most profitable blockchain certificate of deposit. It will work similar as banking certificate of deposit based on blockchain network.

Axion will bring time-locked saving account where user can earn maximum interest on their savings. So, in short Axion pushing staking program where user will receive interest passive and secure interest. Axion works on simple fundament where daily interest will be generated from network participants from fixed inflation. Axion designed to stabilized inflationary curve that will help use to delivery highest return on investment. Axion expected to take different advantages from major blockchain features.

Axion believes this project can easily fixed broken financial system and by fixing their issue. Axion still believes in Bitcoin original vision on being decentralized peer to peer currency. However, in this vision few aspects such as poor transaction speed, highest transaction speed can be fixed. Axion was developed by RockNBlock who previously created project like, swap network and also involve in Hex Money Development. Project claim to be fully audited by Certik and Hacken auditing team and trusted by IBM, and Binance.

Axion Price Prediction

Month & YearAXN Price Prediction
November 2020$0.000281
December 2020$0.000414
January 2021$0.000526
February 2021$0.000617
March 2021$0.000637
April 2021$0.000705
May 2021$0.000655
June 2021$0.000761
July 2021$0.000788
August 2021$0.000737
September 2021$0.000842
October 2021$0.000901
November 2021$0.000962
December 2021$0.000908
January 2022$0.000993
February 2022$0.001026
March 2022$0.000945
April 2022$0.001087
May 2022$0.001135
June 2022$0.001174
July 2022$0.001106
August 2022$0.001170
September 2022$0.001231
October 2022$0.001272
November 2022$0.001374
December 2022$0.001283
January 2025$0.001355
March 2025$0.001440
May 2025$0.001499
July 2025$0.002195
October 2025$0.002175
Decemeber 2025$0.002258
January 2030$0.002479
March 2030$0.003644
May 2030$0.003714
July 2030$0.003635
October 2030$0.003689
December 2030$0.003899

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Axion Overview

Project nameAxion
Ticker SymbolAXN
Total Supply500 billion
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time highUSD
Exchange PlatformUniswap

AXN price Analysis

 AXN trade open on uniswap decentralized trading platform with trending pair ETH. AXN was listed on Coingecko on 15th November 2020 with average price of $0.00025 USD. hex2t token can simply swapped their token into AXN i.e. axion token, as 2% of user balance will added into auction pool. currently Axion running daily auction pool in order to purchase Axion token, as suer can 10% interest on the pool. normal staking program axion provides inflation rate of 8% pear year where user can purchase token from buybacks. Axion on uniswap providing 40% discount to maximize use of AXN on platform. Hex holder can freeclaims AXN token following yearly schedule. Free claiming will be available over 350-day period i.e. beginning of main network launch. User on Axion network can stake liquidity pool after purchasing AXN Token.


Is Axion a good investment?

Yes, staking program can maximize your ROI.

How Much Axion Token (AXN) Worth?

probably Reach $0.001 USD in 2021.


Hex2t open trading on uniswap back may 2020 after launching mainnet but now they rebranding their project considering DeFi wave. Axion looks strong on whitepaper and as of now token swapping and claiming can bring bullish in coming week. however, Axion development team have great experience in blockchain industry and highly believer of decentralized network. Axion market cap is massively growing and expected to claim higher ranking. Axion wanted to provide fixed income source even in era of AI and robotics.

Axion Network Rating