Best IDO Launchpad Platform for Crypto Projects Fund Raising

DeFi has evolving with new ideas and concept by transforming into decentralized world. In order eliminated centralized system almost every aspect related to blockchain has become decentralized. In Crypto space trading, mining, project decision making, staking and more already transform into decentralized world. Now, ICO is one of most popular and important stage for any project who looking for fund raising form investor.

Since, 2018 thousand of project schedule ICO for early investor and raising capital. however, report claims that most of ICO was fake and disappear because team left working on project. so, ICO need transformation where security, surety, transparency and privacy need to be added. So, in growing world of DeFi we have Decentralized exchange for crypto trading, swapping and staking which is operated by community itself. In that instead of ICO new concept knocking door i.e., nothing but IDO aka Initial DEX offering.

IDO is almost similar as IEO i.e., initial Exchange offering but instead of centralized exchange IDO will launch on Decentralized Exchange like Uniswap, Balancer, Pancakeswap or other. As of now we currently having multiple ecosystem or network for DeFi that include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot and Tron. in recent times, new platform has launched who allow project developer or team to add their project for IDO and fund raising. So, we have listed best IDO Launchpad below.

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 PolkaStarter as name suggest Polka means Polkadot ecosystem and starter means project start-up. Polkastarter was launched in 2020 with Ethereum network and it will be deployed on Polkadot parachain very soon. Polkastarter allow project to raise fund from investor with decentralized and interoperable environment. Pols is native token of the platform which confirm entry of user into IDO sale. User need to hold at least 3500 POLS token or has to provide liquidity of POLS and ETH pair. however, every project has different rules where user need apply via whitelist and then with random draw users gets whitelisted for sale participation.

 MahaDao was the first project which was launched on Polkastarter, which surges by 41x after week of listing. Polkastarter has launched big crypto project like Nord Finance, SuperFarm, Polkamon, OptionRoom, PolkaCover, Polkamarkets and more. most of project already provided 100x return to the whitelisted user of the platform. Polkastarter currently crosses $1 billion market cap and enter into top 200 all times biggest crypto projects.

Official Website
Token SymbolPOLS 
Maximum Supply100,000,000 
Network Support Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC


TrustSwap is multi feature platform who started its smart cross chain platform that solving problem including cross token swap, split payment and more. TrustSwap allow user tot wrap multiple tokens into ERC-20 standard on Ethereum network. TrustSwap launchpad is one the key product that gives user early access to best new crypto and DeFi token. Swap Token will be decide allocation in different platform that going to hosted by Platform. as of writing user need to hold atleast 4500+ token for generating ticket to apply for project. Swapscore also another key rule that added by trustswap that can be earn while doing different task on platform itself. User need to have 2500+ swapscore for entry.

Glitch finance is first project who raised by trustswap launchpad and that project has ROI over 200%. However, Platform also raised popular project like chain Games, Mobie Pay, CellFrame who already crosses 100x return for early investor.

Official Website
Token SymbolSWAP 
Maximum Supply100,000,000 
Network Support Ethereum

Paid Network is nothing but blockchain integrated Smart Agreement platform for business and companies. Paid Network has launched Ignition platform that allow project owner to launch their projects. Ignition Sale also follow whitelisting process with the rules of PAID token holding. In order to participate in IDO user need to hold 1000 Paid token i.e., known as moon pool along with Galaxy and Cosmos Pool.

Ignition has launched one of the best and popular projects including Shadows Network, Blindboxes, Splyt, AIOZ and more. where ShawDows, BlindBoxes and AIOZ all times high price return 50x ROI for early investor.

Official Website
Token SymbolPAID 
Maximum Supply594,717,455 
Network Support Ethereum

DAO Maker

Venture Capital innovation transform into masses, it means DAO Maker create growth technologies and funding for startups. Project was launched in 2020 currently having more than 100k retails user showing interest for early stages for crypto projects. DAO Maker working since last few years to building best ever platform that will attract best quality projects. Platform offers decentralized, secure, autonomous and safe environment with fair allocation for users.

DAO Maker also having advantages for user who holding DAO Token, as their tier system require minimum 500 token for getting tickets. Every new project on DAO Pad has maximum entry for user, where platform randomly gives entry for qualified DAO holders. DAO previously hosted popular crypto project including Ecomi, Elrond Network and Orion Protocol who already has ROI over 150x.

Official Website
Token SymbolDAO 
Maximum Supply312,000,000 
Network Support Ethereum


BSCPad is first ever and biggest IDO Decentralized platform based on Binance Smart Chain i.e., BSC Ecosystem. DeFi continues its dominance but due to high gas fees on Ethereum network most of new project started deploying their project on BSC. BSC offer higher scalability and cheaper transaction fees because of which many projects started using BSC as secondary ecosystem. BSCPad has great user interference and fair token allocation system that gaining attention from users.

BSCPad has two allocation rounds in that round 1 is for BSCPAD token holder and round 2 for non BSCPAD token holder. Round 2 participant will be getting their allocation with First come first serve rule. However, in Round 1 BSCPAD holder has different tier which is started with Bronze (1000 tokens) and end with Diamond (25000 tokens). BSCview was the first project that hosted by BSCPad and then it also hosted project like Blind Boxes, Cook Protocol, AIOZ and 8PAY.

Official Website
Token Symbol BSCPAD
Maximum Supply175,600,000 
Network SupportBinance Smart Chain 
Best IDO Launchpad

Few more project also has great potential in future, as IDO launchpad trend is just started. we also have ProStarter, DuckStarter, Balancer LBP, KickPad and more project that may enter into main competition. IDO is still quicker and safer way to invest which can gives you highest return in few days. So, participating in the platform hosted IDO will be the safest that will lower the risk of scam. still, we will suggest you do your own research before investing, as some project gets easily dumped by whales. Because once project launches big investor pull out their investment resulting into huge drop in price. so, IDO is still risky at same times, you have to do proper study by reading whitepaper, concept and tokenomics.