BitSwap BiTToken (BITT) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is BitSwap?

BitSwap is the new best decentralized exchange aggregator that allow you to do any trade. BitSwap is not Decentralized Exchange but its aggregator that crawls 9 different exchange to provide best possible price. Platform currently providing best liquidity and prices of available project which is better than Uniswap, Balancer, Mooniswap and other top exchange. Bitswap will greatly deal wit common problem like price impact and slippage that will save extra money on every trade.

BitSwap will pull best liquidity and user can directly exchange token. connectivity with wallet will be having same structure as Uniswap, 1inch exchange that gives option to connect Metamask, walletconnect or another wallet. in our testing we conclude that Bitswap provide lower prices with low gas fees compare to top DEX. so, considering that extra coin offered will definitely grabs attention from investor.

BitSwap is powered by DexKit, which is next generation DeFi platform built on robust 0x Protocol. DexKit utilizes 9 dex including uniswap, kyber, curve, balancer and more. as DexKit has build advanced trading, swap, AMM and support of ERC20 token. DexKit also studying existing dex platform to provide best features that are missing or much demanded by users.

BitSwap Token Price Prediction

BitSwap has its own utility token i.e., BITT Token following tradition of existing Dex Tokens like Uni or 1inch Token. BITT airdrop not yet announced but similar like uniswap or 1inch exchange did, Bitswap will starts distribution to user who perform activity on the platform. in recent Dex based token distribution common rule was user need to complete atleast 4 transactions. so, Bitswap expected to follow same procedure and user can also provide liquidity with ETH and KIT Token pair to earn weekly BITT Token. now most asked question when it will be launched and what will be the price, as official website not provided detailed information. Talking about price prediction of BITT Token then it expected to be more than $1 USD and also depended of volume locked on platform.

Month & YearBITT Price Prediction
April 2021$0.67
May 2021$0.80
June 2021$0.89
July 2021$0.94
August 2021$1.01
September 2021$0.75
October 2021$0.89
November 2021$0.98
December 2021$1.16
January 2022$1.18
February 2022$1.29
March 2022$1.38
April 2022$1.33
May 2022$1.55
June 2022$1.42
July 2022$1.58
August 2022$1.46
September 2022$1.56
October 2022$1.47
November 2022$1.60
December 2022$1.51
January 2025$1.58
March 2025$6.09
April 2025$6.35
May 2025$6.18
July 2025$6.40
September 2025$6.44
October 2025$6.35
Decemeber 2025$6.26
January 2030$6.41
February 2030$12.26
March 2030$12.09
April 2030$12.35
May 2030$12.49
July 2030$12.62
September 2030$12.39
October 2030$12.58
December 2030$12.75
BitSwap Price Predicion

BitSwap Overview

Project nameBitSwap
Ticker SymbolBITT
Total SupplyNA
Based onDex aggregator
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformOwn platform
WalletMetamask, WalletConnect


How Much BITT Coin Worth in 2021?

Probably worth more than $1 USD.


It is better to have something more and comparing with top dex, BitSwap definitely has smarter working. if Bitswap continue to offer best prices, liquidity without slippage then it will definitely get more users. BitSwap working on bringing more advanced feature that lagging in top dex platform and also fixing common problem. DexKit support will definitely help project in different way and being one of the best platform in DeFi field it has great future ahead.

BitSwap Rating