Blockstack (STX) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Blockstack?

Blockstack brining change in transactional internet application by introducing decentralized computing network. Blockstack is providing best alternative for cloud computing for creating more privacy and security-based application. in the traditional computing we mostly sees centralized server hosted by application owner but Blockstack with decentralized application network will run business logic and data transferring processing on the client side. Its is designed to optimized cloud computing with having goal of Ease of use, Scalability and user control.

The project was started in 2017 and now it launches 2nd of version of mainnet to introduced Proof of Transfer consensus algorithm in new Stack 2.0 Blockchain. basic purpose of launching new network bring more option in the ecosystem, in which PoX is provides power to Bitcoin to enable its secure properties accessible to the everyone. STX holder possibly gets rewards stack for contributor and aso network will offer predictable smart contracts and more other costly function without modifying bitcoin protocol.


Blockstack Price Prediction

Blockstack listed on coinmarketcap with price $0.21 USD on 29th October 2019, since then STX consistently going bearish. Top investor believe Blockstack will go bearish and ROI may drop below 100%, but since last few week with steady growth somehow Blockstack enter into top 100 largest crypto list by market cap value. As of writing Blockstack price is $0.15 USD and expected to reach $0.25 USD by beating all time high price record in December 2020. Reddit users believe it may rise upto $0.35 USD.

Blockstack Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2020$0.17 USD
September 2020$0.14 USD
October 2020$0.18 USD
November 2020$0.25 USD
December 2020$0.24 USD

End of this year we might be seeing STX reaching $0.25 USD, consider number of apps they developed and future of application will definitely help Blockstack to gain transactions and investment in future, so possible outcomes year 2025 will be reaching $1 USD and for 2030 STX may find way to reach $5 USD.

STX Future Prediction 2025 & 2030

Quarter & YearPrice Prediction USD
Q1 2021$0.21 USD
Q2 2021$0.19 USD
Q3 2021$0.26 USD
Q4 2021$0.35 USD
Q1 2025$1.2 USD
Q2 2025$1.01 USD
Q3 2025$1.89 USD
Q4 2025$2.32 USD
Q1 2030$4.32 USD
Q2 2030$5.23 USD
Q3 2030$5.01 USD
Q4 2030$5.67 USD

Blockstack Fundamental Overview

Project nameBlockstack
Token SymbolSTX
Based onStack Blockchain
Total Supply672,379,630 STX
Launched in2018
ICO Ended8th Sep 2019
All-time best$0.258708 USD
Trading & Exchange platformBinance, Hoo, CoinDCX, TOKOK
WalletStacks Wallet, Trezor
PartnersWinklevoss, Huobi Capital, Zhenfund, Foundation capital, Digital Currency Group, versionone, SVAngle

Blockstack ICO Overview

ICO was started in July 2019 and ended on 8th September 2019 by raising $28 million including pre-sale. Token in sale held on coinlist, where token price ranging between $0.12 to $0.3 USD with 20% of supply was distributed to public and other venture investor. This project includes computer scientist Princeton, standford, MIT and other universities and having headquarter in New York city USA. Project before launched funded over $50 million USD, so adding Token sale in total it raised by 80.5 million. Considering 2019, where crypto market sees downfall this was the best ever response for new project.

What is Stack Blockchain?

It provides global consensus and coordination layer for the network, in which native token will be implemented called as stacks token. it proposed following design decision.

  • Leader election
  • Proof of burning mining algorithm
  • Novel peer network
  • Smart contracting language.

Blockstack Based Application

More than 400+ application built on Blockstack platform, network provides toolkit and protocol for developer to build their own decentralized application. they introduced new model for application, where they have eliminated opaque databases, serves for client/server models. We know databases plays important role for server, which store and query huge amount of user data, but in the dApp developer no need to worry about security and privacy, and same with server side by running apps runs client side. Every new user brings their computation in the network with maintaining storage capacity in the network.

Blockstack backed Bitcoin protocol, so with smart contracts global states are operated by centerize server with the solve authority in the network. state change can be happened through smart contracts executing in the open blockchain. network has decentralized authentication trusted process, if application maintains user database with password or relies on third party identify services like Facebook, google and other then network will user oAuth protocol to obtained assertion from identify service.

Layer of Blockstack Decentralized Computing

  • Stacks Blockchain
  • Gaia
  • Blockstack Authentication
  • Blockstack SDK and Libraries.

In the application payment services can be done using different services like cards, banking system and other, as introducing digital token will perform as native asset for Blockcstack and other Blockchain project like Ethereum. in the Native token user has direct ownership and use them to register new digital asset and can be programmed using smart contracts.


Can Blockstack Reach $1 USD?

yes, it can take 1 or 1.5 year so probably in the end of 2021 year BTX will Reach $1 USD

How Much BTX Worth in 2030?

Expected to reach $5 USD

Is Blockstack a Good Investment?

Not Really, as it currently follow neutral trend so if you ready to HODL for longer time then Blockstack can be moderated choice.


Blockstack gained huge attention since 2019, however it still providing best platform to create application using Blockchain. in future many project will be created in that Blockchain will be big part of evolution. 200+ Apps developed so far, having 50+ million funding, thousand of developers already using this platform, completed 5 year officially under guidance of princeton university.

Blockstack Rating