Community Token (COM) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Community Token?

In recent times tons of new project making entry with eye catching offers and ICO, where sometimes user faces lots of problem in that. Day by day scam report for investing new ICO i.e. Initial coin offering consistently increasing and in wave of DeFi user not having enough research about any project. Community Token is here to save user from scam where community member will be in power and will get rewards for their research or work on platform.

COM i.e. Community Token playing prominent role for fuel main Ecosystem or network. basically, COM holder earn more Token from sharing and presenting their research on newly launched project or ICO. Community member can perform task such as tokenomics audit, code audit and network audit and more. however, the network let you participant in new project after it appoves via votes and also help organize you Wishlist. COM platform also assist you with insurance and if any approve project fails or scam then community will reserve users fund.

In short Community votes and action will makes difference in every decision that platform takes. User investment fully controlled by themselves only and they can explore community vetted Decentralized Finance project data.

Community Token Price Prediction

Month & YearCOM Price Prediction
November 2020#N/A
December 2020#N/A
January 2021#N/A
February 2021#N/A
March 2021#N/A
April 2021#N/A
May 2021#N/A
June 2021#N/A
July 2021#N/A
August 2021#N/A
September 2021#N/A
October 2021#N/A
November 2021#N/A
December 2021#N/A
January 2022#N/A
February 2022#N/A
March 2022#N/A
April 2022#N/A
May 2022#N/A
June 2022#N/A
July 2022#N/A
August 2022#N/A
September 2022#N/A
October 2022#N/A
November 2022#N/A
December 2022#N/A
January 2025#N/A
March 2025#N/A
May 2025#N/A
July 2025#N/A
October 2025#N/A
Decemeber 2025#N/A
January 2030#N/A
March 2030#N/A
May 2030#N/A
July 2030#N/A
October 2030#N/A
December 2030#N/A

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Community Token Overview

Project nameCommunity Token
Ticker SymbolCOM
Total Supply939,259
Based onDecentralized Community
Launched year2020
All-time high$2.88 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap V2
WalletERC-20 Supported Wallet,
PartnerXplosive Ethereum
Community Token Price Prediction

COM Price Analysis

COM platform comes up with three plans Silver, Gold, Platinum and as of writing, to avail maximum feature user need to upgrade their plan to Platinum with 7000+ Com Token. however, tier 1 provides early access and discount on presale, where 50% Airdrops project listed. COM was listed on 16th August 2020 with recorded average price of $0.49 USD by Coingecko. COM comparing to initial price it already up by almost 4 times and it was traded $2.88 USD as highest price.


Can COM Token Reach $10 USD?

Yes, probably in 2023.

Is Community Token a Good Investment?

Yes, for those who high believer of ICO or new Blockchain project.


Community Token idea is something different and it surely bring assistant and full control user investment. the project focusing on decentralized community that research or study new blockchain and DeFi Project. Platform takes full responsibility to check project is scam or legit where governance ecosystem will be used. The many different project also can integrate or partner with upcoming project and COM token holder gets maximum benefit. Platform user will get early access to ICO and also included in airdropped or presale.

Community Token Rating