Cryptoblades (SKILL) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is emerging NFT based character theme game built and run on Binance Smart Chain network. CryptoBlades developed by Riveted games aiming to reclaim control of digital assets or collectibles to real gamers. Project will be part of blockchain adoption and introducing NFT games to active users.

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CryptoBlades creating opportunity to take out profit with play to earn system for all type of users. Project will ensure fun and earn experience along with growing blockchain gaming community. in game user can own different characters, unique weapons, as every weapon will be having different power and by reforge power can be improved. Character and weapon can be traded at open marketplaces, as anyone can buy, sell or hold this NFTs. Character has more importance in this game, as one player can own maximum 4 for each account. NFT’s can be displayed on your decentralized wallet like Metamask and supported wallet.

Start of game, character start with first level dependent on minting along with random element. In order fight gamer need one warrior and sword and once you win fight will get rewards from platform. character can revive after 5 minutes with maximum limit of energy bar is around 200 and every fight takes 40 points.

CryptoBlades Price Prediction

Month & YearSKILL Price Prediction
October 2021$26.27006641
November 2021$39.01300908
December 2021$43.52205032
January 2022$46.07063886
February 2022$49.59945375
March 2022$36.85651109
April 2022$43.52205032
May 2022$47.83504630
June 2022$56.65708353
July 2022$57.83335516
August 2022$63.12657750
September 2022$67.43957348
October 2022$65.28307549
November 2022$76.06556543
December 2022$69.59607147
March 2023$77.43788233
June 2023$71.75256945
September 2023$76.45765598
December 2023$72.14466000
January 2025$78.22206342
March 2025$199.96617717
May 2025$223.49160978
July 2025$258.77975869
September 2025$236.03850717
October 2025$231.33342065
November 2025$270.54247499
Decemeber 2025$278.38428586
January 2030$597.93807879
March 2030$635.18668042
May 2030$713.60478911
July 2030$656.75166031
September 2030$756.73474889
December 2030$784.18108694

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CryptoBlades Overview

Project nameCryptoBlades
Ticker SymbolSkill
Total Supply1,000,000
Based onNFT Gaming
Launched year2020
Supported ChainBSC
Exchange PlatformPancakeswap, Gate, Lbank, Apeswap
WalletMetamask, Trustwallet
PartnerChainlink, Steam, IGN, Unity, BTS labs, independent games festival.

Skill Token Price Prediction

Skill is on platform native currency that will be having multiple utility in the game Skill as of writing based on BEP-20 token standard built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. Player require SKILL Token to buy or sell character, forge and reforge weapons on the marketplace. Skill token value decided with oracle considering mechanism of tokenomic. SKILL currently listed on major BSC based decentralized exchange and its price as of writing hits all time high record by reaching $858 USD in first bull run. However, 2nd bull run expected at start of year 2022 and in that Skill predicted to cross $100 USD mark.

CryptoBlades Price Prediction


Will Skill Token hit $1000?

Skill token supply is lower as compare to Bitcoin and other top crypto token and it expand to multiple blockchain network more user will join that could help Skill Token to reach $1000 mark.

Is CryptoBlades a Good Investment?

CryptoBlades still at early stage of development and with play to earn strategy number of holders is growing and pushing price upward trends.


We have seeing huge bull run of NFT based project that include Flow, Axie Infinity and more, as this blockchain game gaining huge attention from investor. similarly, Cryptoblades comes up with one of the most popular niche, where character, swords and power will be key components. Every battle will be counted as more minting period has great advantages along with different in game advantages and conditions. CryptoBlades every own token Skill since first bull run of NFTs market performing very well, as it already crossing 100x ROI mark and in next few years potentially it will keep growing. Cryptoblades currently based on BSC network, as to expand project need to support more networks. Choosing BSC at first is definitely helping project because it charges lowest transaction fees for every operation. CryptoBlades in may able highlight in crypto trending list and after dropped below $50 investor will trying to buy dip.

CryptoBlades Rating