cVault finance (Core) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is cVault Finance?

cVault i.e. Core Vault Finance is non-inflationary Decentralized finance blockchain project. Core specially designed to maximize profit by generating random strategy autonomously with following decentralized nature. Core expected to replace existing strategy executing platform where central entity will be responsible for fund wealth. However, old strategy also determined how to locked funds to generate maximum reward that will replaced by decentralized manner.

Core uses dynamic structure and it will be following decentralized governance instead opting for one. Project backed by first ever high yield farmable deflationary token i.e. Core Token. however, all token holder can directly involve in strategy contract and voting. Core Token holder can manage decentralize autonomous strategy execution, as 5% generated profit from strategies will be used in auto-buy core token to maintain ecosystem.

Core Vault designed new front-end experience that almost match old window version experience. however, it allows user to farm different token without inflation. On official portal they have mentioned Core smart contracts audited by the Arcadia group. on front page of portal, it simply provides wallet connection, farming, summary, uniswap and govern options. Under router Core Vault will introduce Liquidity Zap, Swap and Wrap features.

cVault Finance Price Prediction

Month & YearCore Price Prediction
November 2020$5,649.50
December 2020$8,325.57
January 2021$10,592.81
February 2021$12,414.03
March 2021$12,822.87
April 2021$14,198.08
May 2021$13,194.55
June 2021$15,313.11
July 2021$15,870.63
August 2021$14,829.93
September 2021$16,948.49
October 2021$18,137.86
November 2021$19,364.40
December 2021$18,286.53
January 2022$19,996.25
February 2022$20,665.27
March 2022$19,029.89
April 2022$21,891.80
May 2022$22,858.16
June 2022$23,638.69
July 2022$22,263.48
August 2022$23,564.35
September 2022$24,790.89
October 2022$25,608.58
November 2022$27,652.80
December 2022$25,831.58
January 2025$27,281.12
March 2025$28,990.84
May 2025$30,180.21
July 2025$44,192.45
October 2025$43,783.60
Decemeber 2025$45,456.15
January 2030$49,916.28
March 2030$73,369.13
May 2030$74,781.50
July 2030$73,183.29
October 2030$74,261.15
December 2030$78,498.28

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cVault Finance Overview

Project namecVault Finance
Ticker SymbolCORE
Total Supply10,000
Official websiteCvault.finane
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$9232 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Hotbit,, SushiSwap
WalletLedger Wallet, Metamask Wallet.
cVault Finance Price Prediction

Core Price Analysis

Core token since listing continue climb where as of now lowest recorded price was $2044 USD and all time highest $9239 USD. it maintains average price of $5500 USD and top analyst predict that core Token may cross $12k USD mark. Core Team in the initial distribution with liquidity pool participation. All farmed yield market can buy core token, as whenever farmer sell, swap, sold tokens then all this token will be returned to farming pool. in simple word, deflationary farming followed simple step that charge fees on token transfer and then user can earn fee by farming.


Can Core Token Reach $20K USD?

May be after 2022.

Is cVault.Finance a Good Investment?

DYOR before you invest because investing in DeFi sometimes causes higher risk.


cVault Finance highly focusing on community governance, where all major decision from developer fees, contract fees, new pool addition, disable pool and other major decision will take community itself. Project wanted to replace autonomous strategy platform with fully community-controlled ecosystem. as per research centralized strategy maker causes high risk, as they handle your fund. cVault with community based i.e. decentralized system can improve wealth of funds.

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