DFYN Network Token Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is DFYN Network?

DFYN Network innovating DeFi with the mission of building multi blockchain network decentralized exchange. DFYN DEX will allow user to trade on top blockchain network like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and more. as of writing platform support Ethereum and Polygon network, where Ethereum is default network. BSC network soon to be added on platform that will be biggest step to achieve multi-chain tag.

Platform main mission Is lower gas fees and scalability in AMM (Automated market maker) exchange with maintain its feature include liquidity providing, yield farming and more. DFYN will be combining most important things of DEX that includes speed of Layer 2 platform and huge liquidity of Ethereum network. implement cross-chain bridge with solving problem price slippage, low efficiency, fragmentation of liquidity across different chains.

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Working of DFYN has simple path which started with building network of decentralized by integrating with layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains. Created network able to fetch liquidity from multiple sources with the help of router’s XCLP i.e., cross-chain liquidity protocol. Layer 2 launchpad allow developer to launch their own token on available chains along with farming support without any knowledge of coding. in the growing space new DeFi project layer IDO strategy will be integrated along with maintaining low gas fees.

DFYN Network Price Prediction

Month & YearDFYN Price Prediction
July 2021$4.89
August 2021$9.07
September 2021$10.24
October 2021$11.00
November 2021$12.58
December 2021$16.91
January 2022$18.23
February 2022$27.80
March 2022$32.77
April 2022$38.33
May 2022$35.70
June 2022$44.47
July 2022$47.69
August 2022$53.25
September 2022$42.43
October 2022$50.62
November 2022$59.98
December 2022$53.54
April 2023$57.06
August 2023$64.37
January 2025$131.96
March 2025$120.55
May 2025$129.33
July 2025$114.40
September 2025$132.55
October 2025$136.93
Decemeber 2025$143.96
January 2030$255.14
March 2030$270.36
May 2030$293.77
July 2030$304.88
September 2030$281.48
December 2030$314.54

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DFYN Network Overview

Project nameDFYN Network
Ticker SymbolDYFN
Total Supply250,000,000
Official websiteDfyn.network
Based onMulti-chain decentralized exchange
Launched year2020
All-time high$8.75 USD
Exchange PlatformDFYN Exchange, Uniswap, MXC
WalletMatic Wallet

DFYN IDO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter
Raised by$2,400,000 USD
Date of ICO9th may 2021
ICO Price$0.094 USD
PartnersRouter, Polygon, hashflow, IG Galaxy, Avalanche, Mantra DAO, umbrella, union, zokyo, dafi, bonded finance, boconomy, Nord finance, frontier, razor, glitch, terra.

DFYN Token Price Analysis

DFYN network has utility token i.e., DFYN token that plays major role in function ecosystem of network. DYFN has different role that include governance, Revenue sharing along yield farming. In governance working of platform will be directed by community, as DFYN token holder allow to take part in governance voting that decided future development. In the revenue sharing 0.3% fee will be charged for each transaction, in which 0.25% will be distributed to liquidity provider and other will be used for buyback and burn.

DFYN token launched with IDO hosted on polkastarter launchpad where token distributed at price $0.094 USD. as per data of CMC DFYN hits all time high price after reaching $8 USD mark and i.e., almost 85x from IDO price. DFYN has low token supply and price could see steady growth and more network integration will play major factor in price fluctuation.

If we tally all Dex based tokens like uniswap, balancer then most of them are trading above $30 or $40 USD. And also, this DFYN supports multichain platforms so we can conclude that this DFYN token is also capable of reaching $30 USD in near future.

DFYN Network Price Prediction


Will DFYN hit $10?

DFYN staking and liquidity gained huge volume in recent times and liquidity providers also surging that could pump DFYN price.

Is DFYN Network a Good Investment?

Consider long term investment and provide liquidity with Matic network to earn more token.


We know Uniswap top runner of DeFi token asset but due single network support it causing problem in almost every department. Community demanded multi blockchain supported platform, as many platforms still under development and having multiple bugs in that. DFYN network has started with polygon network will expand support on Polkadot, Solana, Internet Computer, Binance smart chain and more. Layer 2 protocol will be key base for this project, as they will put all effort to provide performance, scalability, low gas fees and more.

DFYN remain blockchain agnostic for that in the middle layer network will be integrated with polkadot network. every feature provided is completely trustless and transparent. The smart contract and code will remain open source, where anyone can have access and do modification. Bad UI Experience, low liquidity, low transaction speed problem expected to fix permanently by platform.

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