Elon musk’s Tesla buys 1.5 billion USD worth Bitcoin

“Tesla” which is World’s 7th largest company by market cap, owned by “Elon Musk” who is richest person on the earth has confirmed that they have invested $1.5 Billion USD in Bitcoin, The Most popular Cryptocurrency. This is really the good news for Crypto Industry and Investors all over the world and at the same time a biggest opportunity to get some bucks by investing into Bitcoin or any other popular crypto. Just within an hour of this news, BTC jumped from $38k USD to $44k USD along with that all other cryptos like ETH, ADA and DOGE etc started showing a bullish run.

TESLA Will Start Accepting BTC as A Payment Method Soon

Tesla Inc. also confirmed that in near future they will start accepting bitcoin as a payment method for products they offer. This will also help in a greater number of huge size transactions in crypto world resulting into price hike of Bitcoin and other dependent cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is made in a such way that more it will be used the more it’s worth will raise. And most important reason behind that there is no unlimited supply of Bitcoin, there would be only 21 million BTC exists on this earth.

Elon’s Positive Tweets regarding Crypto

Since start of this month, Elon Musk is continuously tweeting good words for Bitcoin and Dogecoin. His tweets are fueling up crypto market and many cryptos are hitting their All Time High(ATH) value this month. Dogecoin has shown such a growth that it has become 9th crypto by suppressing ChainLink to 10th rank with respect to Market Capitalization. DOGE has shown immense growth last week by reaching value of $0.08 USD from $0.04 USD within a week. If you are interested in reading price prediction of Dogecoin they you must check out our following article.

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Tesla’s Bitcoin and Elon’s DOGE May Shake Off The World

If Tesla as a company keeps holding and investing in Bitcoin then it would really make a significant impact on the cryptocurrency industry in a positive way. While Elon is saying that DOGE is people’s crypto with his tweet. Also, he tweeted for a vote between DOGE and all other cryptos combined and the result was DOGE won with 71% votes in favor. An interesting thing is total of 2.4 million people voted on that tweet.

Tesla Buys 1.5 Billion Worth Bitcoin

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