Haven Protocol (XHV) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Haven Protocol?

Haven Network focusing on privacy technology for that they have used Monero Blockchain i.e. leader of private network. The project itself inherits key feature from Monero including bulletproof and ring signature to expand the multilevel privacy by providing anonymous, synthetic and private currencies and assets. Project was under development since 2018 and wanted to create first ever Private Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Haven protocol uses offshore process i.e. mint and burn using Proof of Work Algorithm means user can burn their token with equivalent value stablecoin, as this process will help stabilized fluctuating prices of xAssets. Keeping short basically Haven private or untraceable crypto asset that uses combination real word asset-pegged value store and standard market price.

On 20th July 2020, the haven finally launched their first ever private stable coin i.e. xUSD on their main network, as this coin said to be first ever private stablecoin that uses monero private technology. so just like we mentioned above it will follow same process to generate this assets user need to burn XHV, but as same time price fluctuation will be remained same with XHV. So in order increase mining reward supply of XVH will be burn, however newly integrated xAsset initially have 0 value.

Haven Protocol Price Prediction

In the recent days the DeFi and stablecoins making good moves in the market and they are responsible the growth of their native token. the Reserve Rights basically following same strategy but their main token and stablecoin is openly available in the market, however Haven stable coin existence depend on burning of XHV. The project having issue in the past, where it most of team member was claiming the issue in the privacy of network but later, they responded the issue with message we are still developing project. Right now, XHV gearing up with bullish trend, since October 2019 prices are rapid increasing from $0.094 to $0.40 USD i.e. highest price of march 2020.

XHV Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
August 2020$1.56 USD
September 2020$1.67 USD
October 2020$1.81 USD
November 2020$1.45 USD
December 2020$1.41 USD

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Haven Price Prediction 2021 to 2030

Quarter & YearPrice Prediction USD
January 2021$1.64 USD
March 2021$1.82 USD
June 2021$1.58 USD
September 2021$1.92 USD
December 2021$2.03 USD
January 2025$4.78 USD
March 2025$4.92 USD
June 2025$5.05 USD
September 2025$5.12 USD
December 2025$5.32 USD
January 2030$8.23 USD
March 2030$8.45 USD
June 2030$7.86 USD
September 2030$8.023 USD
December 2030$8.56 USD
Haven Protocol Price Prediction

Haven Network Overview

Project nameHaven Protocol
Ticker SymbolXHV
Total Supply18.4 million
Official websiteHavenprotocol.org
Based onPrivate DeFi
Launched year2019
All-time high$7.29 USD
Exchange PlatformBittex, TradeOgre, VCC Exchange, CITEX
WalletHaven Wallet

XHV ICO Overview

No ICO was planned for Haven Protocol

Haven Network FAQ

Can Haven Protocol Reach $10 USD?

probably Haven protocol can cross $10 USD mark somewhere between 2032 to 2033.

How Much XHV Worth in 2030?

Will reach $6 USD mark and will be fluctuating between $8.5 USD to $9 USD.

Is Haven a Good Investment?

Haven for long-term plan will be more profitable, as mining also be the option for Haven.


Recently the most of project based on DeFi gaining huge response from investor, as it is considering as more profitable in the passive income from crypto category. Haven with stablecoin and privacy concern it has ability to become next Monero in the Decentralized finance market, however age will be plus factor for this project and in future we could see Haven protocol secure in place in the top ranking.

Haven Protocol Rating