Homeros (HMR) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Homeros?

Homeros knows as home for Heroes that built on blockchain technology for gaming community. Homeros aim to innovate gaming experience by presenting new features and addons. In recent month thousand of Decentralized Finance DeFi project rolling out and in that blockchain based gaming platform sharing space. however more than 20 gaming projects launched and with blockchain Gaming can have be more secure and private.

Homeros actively providing solution to gaming key community including gamers, developer and merchants. Its provider opportunity to decentralized community to communicate each other for developing and launching games with IGO i.e. Initial Game offering. Every participant on platform can involve in development of games, securing in-game items marketplace and can have access of gaming guides. Homeros launched their own blockchain after they found Ethereum blockchain has some limitation.

Along with development members able play different games, gets loots from marketplace and also access games guides. in order to fuel ecosystem Homeros launched their own token i.e. HMR Token. HMR integrated with different games and community, as it will majorly involve in transaction on the platform. HMR widely used in to buy gaming items and launched games from official marketplace. Token also used to access walkthroughs, items upgradation and crowdfunding for games development.

Homeros Price Prediction

Month & YearHMR Price Prediction
November 2020$1.3594
December 2020$2.0034
January 2021$2.5490
February 2021$2.9872
March 2021$3.0856
April 2021$3.4165
May 2021$3.1750
June 2021$3.6848
July 2021$3.8190
August 2021$3.5686
September 2021$4.0783
October 2021$4.3645
November 2021$4.6597
December 2021$4.4003
January 2022$4.8117
February 2022$4.9727
March 2022$4.5792
April 2022$5.2679
May 2022$5.5004
June 2022$5.6882
July 2022$5.3573
August 2022$5.6703
September 2022$5.9655
October 2022$6.1622
November 2022$6.6541
December 2022$6.2159
January 2025$6.5647
March 2025$6.9761
May 2025$7.2623
July 2025$10.6341
October 2025$10.5357
Decemeber 2025$10.9382
January 2030$12.0115
March 2030$17.6550
May 2030$17.9948
July 2030$17.6102
October 2030$17.8696
December 2030$18.8892

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Homeros Overview

Project nameHomeros
Ticker SymbolHMR
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Official websiteHomerosnet.com
Based onGaming
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.72 USD
Exchange PlatformBitForex, Hotbit, BW.com, STEX, BigOne, VCC Exchange, Crex24, Coinsuper, DigiFinex
WalletOwn Wallet
Homeros Price Prediction

HMR price Analysis

HMR, since its debut continue to follow upward trend, where it went up from $0.40 USD to $0.72 USD i.e. almost 92%. Homeros may continue it bullish run and probably before 2020 end it may cross $1 USD figure. Homeros gaining good market volume and secured spot in top 300 crypto ranking, as if they continue average market volume then HMR may enter into top 200 list. however, Decentraland is currently most popular gaming blockchain project and we can see healthy battle between these two projects. Homeros has their own advantages over some project that possibly help that project in future.


Will HMR Reach $5 USD?

$5 USD possible In next 2 to 3 years.

Is Homeros a Good Investment?

Yes, project itself offer way to earn from gaming industry.


In upcoming year entertainment and gaming industry may worth in trillion USD and that because growing craze of gaming. Mainly youths are one who keeps on exploring and finding new games to play to increase excitement in the life. But in recent year, gaming industry also looked as way of income source. the project introduced new unique feature i.e. IGO works similar as ICO, but instead coin, user will be getting games at low prices. in crowdfunding users can invest in new games, as they also have early access for games.

Homeros Rating