How to Buy Newly Uniswap or DEX Listed Token without Paying Gas Fees

In order to bringing new concept, the number of new decentralized project launching gradually increasing. Uniswap, 1inch exchange, Balancer, 0x and more decentralized exchange reporting huge surge in number of trades. as DEX recently reached trillion-dollar market volume and it will continue to rise which may even beat centralized exchange as well. main reason behind this is simple is giving fully custody over investment and governance model that gives surety of token holder in deciding future decision.

as we know some of CEX are still positively working without any complaint or scam report. In the Centralized trading platform, we have trusted platform like Binance, Coinbase and more. but in order to provide security to their investor they have put some condition for listing new project on their platform that why investor not able to buy new token or project on such platform. now, the real problem due to high volume investor people need to pay huge gas fees to perform any operation like swap, token approval, liquidity providing or sending tokens. as high-volume transaction will not get affected but low volume transaction will see huge different in gas fees.

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now, Ethereum 2.0 still under development as it can takes few months more for full execution. But as of now in bullish market run everyone wanted to trade new launch projects have better option. Bilaxy is self-listing trading platform, where project team will list their project on platform by adding supply. However, specific amount of supply will be added on bilaxy for trading as per community decision. Bilaxy list new token immediately after uniswap listing, but here user no need to pay gas fees. as user can trade new listed project token with pair of BTC, ETH or even USDT. So, below we guide how to trade on Bilaxy

How to Buy New listed Token on Bilaxy?

  1. Create Account on i.e., official trading platform.
  2. Log into account to verify KYC and account upgradation process for easy withdrawal.
  3. Then go Exchange tab and search Token name you want to search (for e.g., if want to trade Ethereum then you have search “ETH”).
  4. Then select pair with ETH, USDT or other available pair (e.g., POLC/ETH, POLC/USDT or POLC/BTC).
  5. Check out current price and then enter desire amount and press buy button or follow same for selling Token (note: buying price need to be higher than current price).
  6. Important notice: check Contract Address which highlighted in Red box, to check contract address you can use Coingecko or Coinmarketcap crypto reporting platform (if wanted to check contract of Kylin Network just visit on of the platform and in search box just type project name or token symbol).

Along with Bilaxy there is Gate Trading platform who bringing new token as early as possible as compare to other top trading platform. now using Bilaxy user will save huge gas fees and if they can send then ERC20 token to metamask wallet if they want provide liquidity to project.