IOST Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030 Forecast

What is IOST?

In the word IOST, IOS means of internet of Services and T stands for Token, a project bringing usability and security in the global payment option. IOST uses different consensus mechanism i.e. proof of Believability (PoB) to ensure scalability and future transaction speed without losing any security, and it also includes different factors such as reputation, participation and behavior. Ecosystem not only implemented consensus mechanism but also included novel sharding architecture, which improves number of transactions i.e. up to 0.1 million per second.

System uses micro stake blocks, Atomic net protocol, dynamical sharding all this together ensure apps safeguarded, easy to use, and lightning-fast speed, in which it reduces size, cost and hardware requirement. This will strongly use to eliminate highly consumable Proof of work mechanism, so IOST will provide you best mining service on the blockchain platform. As, all this mechanism will be self-operated trustless, and open for developers to cut of middle person and then maximize of network value of user. So, the network uses Decentralized application and other blockchain services to turn node on and validate transactions, as this will help to network to become easy to use, always free and open forever.

IOST partnerships

IOST funded of world leading venture capital firm including Matrix Partner, Zhenfund, Nirvana Capital, Huobi, Linkvc, Node Capital, alphacoin fund, Sequoia Metropolis, INBlockchain. in 2019 IOST established more than 30 partnership but few days back they officially join hands with Blockchain cloud full-stack service provider to enable node hosting solution, which will help to IOST nodes network growth, in the response of working with IOST, the team of Ankr appreciate work of IOST decentralized network. as we know Ankr is already well established and adding IOST in their network with other 4000 node project is really powerful move.

In list of node partnerships, IOST spread their node network with others including Bepal, BTC manager, HashQuark, dKargo, Rate3, ARPA. in July 2019, IOST also announces partnership with Binance under charity foundation, as this was first strategic alliance of 47 companies and blockchain firms to introduce Pink Care Token. So IOST is also following strategy of Chainlink to bring a greater number of partners on the board and that will help to built trust as well as market cap volume.

IOST Fundamental overview

Project nameIOSToken
Ticker SymbolIOST
Total Supply21,000,000,000  
Based onInternet of Service Backed on PoB
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.13 USD
Exchange PlatformBKEX, OKEx, Binance, Huobi, Binance JEX, Digifinex, Bitrue, Cat.ex, Upbit, HitBTC,, bitZ, MXC, Dcoin, Bithumb, BitRabbit.
WalletIOST wallet, Amon Wallet, Pure wallet, Token Pocket.

IOST social media platform having more than 0.2 million followers and along with important announcements they also have Quiz contest, in which on weekly basis they distribute thousand of IOST to the winner of Quiz with the help of Token Pocket and Telegram.  

ICO Analysis and Report

As we mentioned above after the huge success of IOTA blockchain, IOST also get huge response in ICO, where in 2018, It was raised by over $31.26 million worth and more than 150 firm invested in this project. Token sale ended on 3rd January 2018, which is carried out on ERC-20 token, where 40% of supply is available for in the token sale. As comparing token price i.e. $0.01 USD with today price then ROI is almost dropped to 60.7%.

IOST Technical Analysis

reasons why IOST is more scalable network because it introduced below entities:

  • Proof of Believability: as many of you heard about PoS or PoW, as PoB is nothing but Btzantine consensus protocol, which has believed first approach to provide safety to the ecosystem and maximize throughput of transaction.
  • Micro Stake Block: staking is trending nowadays, as Ethereum also announces to enable staking node in their ETH 2.0 update. IOST will use novel mechanism to it will minimize storage and bootstrapping cost for validators.
  • Distributed Sharding: it will make shard large and strongly bais-resistant with following combination of random mechanism with leade selection using cryptographic sorting.
  • Atomix: it is committed protocol that ensure transaction atomicity.
  • TransEpoch: it will increase security of validator to shards assignment and maintain transaction operability.

IOST Price Prediction

The IOST was launched when cryptocurrency and Blockchain was just newly introduced for billion of investor, as still IOST manages to hike by over 1300% in early 2018. In march 2020, IOST showing strong stability growth in market cap value and ranking also taking solid leap, but there is little concern about price where they are going bearish, as per recent price chart IOST touches to its all-time lowest price by trading at $0.0015. Comparing with other altcoins then this figure was not shocking at all, because at same time Bitcoin was about to touch $4000 USD, so this must be due to Covid19 crisis.

IOST Price Prediction 2020

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
June 2020$0.0054 USD
July 2020$0.0037 USD
August 2020$0.0039 USD
September 2020$0.0048 USD
October 2020$0.0032 USD
November 2020$0.0084 USD
December 2020$0.0091 USD
Note: till end of 2020, IOST will reach $0.01.
IOST Price Prediction

In above prediction we have set average price for every month. Now talking in details as in 2020 IOST was already set highest of value in February 2020 month by hitting $0.0082 USD. so, possibly after this covid19 crisis and other lockdown stuff official ended, will increase number of transaction and also comeback of small investor. IOST is now officially enter into largest crypto list, as this will be definitely help to increase daily market cap volume. So IOST can be reach $0.12 USD mark till end this decade and may create space in top 100 list.

Quarter & YearPrice Prediction USD
Q1 2021$0.010
Q2 2021$0.012
Q3 2021$0.022
Q4 2021$0.042
Q1 2025$1.89
Q2 2025$1.21
Q3 2025$0.89
Q4 2025$0.91
Q1 2030$3.34
Q2 2030$4.24
Q3 2030$4.87
Q4 2030$3.76
Note: in 2030, IOST may cross $5 USD mark.


  • Is IOST Good investment?

Ans: Yes, we will suggest long term investment.

  • Can IOST Will Reach $1 USD?

Ans: Yes, probably in Q3 2025.

  • How Much IOST Worth in 2030?

Ans: may hit $5 USD mark.

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