Laxmi Coin Price, Launch Date, ICO, How to Buy Laxmi Cryptocurrency

Laxmi Coin has to be India’s first cryptocurrency but this project was postponed after RBI paused cryptocurrency related transaction In India almost 2 year ago, but recently in January 2020 the most awaited decision will be taken by Supreme court ,where they lifted banned over Cryptocurrency and following this there are lots of question arises, is Laxmi Coin still on to release or project was closed?

As per official website i.e. where they announces the road map for upcoming year and they have introduced new Rover network which will be based on Banking transaction, land registration, voting Platform and healthcare, in future project wanted to build network layer for VPN and DNS, with help of Blockchain technology to provide decentralized platform all over the world.

Project NameLaxmi Coin
Ticker SymbolLaxmi
Total Supply150,000,000,000 Laxmi
TechnologyRover Network Blockchain
Based onLand Registration, Payment option
Launched DateNA
Price$0.00 USD
Airdrop EndMay 2018
Note: above data will be updated soon.

Laxmi Coin

Laxmi Coin is not India’s first active cryptocurrency, because immediately after lifting cryptocurrency banned, an Trading Platform of Indian Wazir launched its first Token WRX, as Rover testnet was launched n 4th January 2018 in which user can test Laxmi cryptocurrency, as after that there was no announcement of Mainnet and that will be the Laxmi crypto transaction will live, as per report total supply of this crypto will be 150 Billion and distribution was already announced by team. As there are rumours spreading about this cryptocurrency of being associate with RBI, but Team already denied, as Laxmi Coin will be independent cryptocurrency which will be works similar like other cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum.  

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Laxmi Coin Price

There are thousands of registered user on ecosystem who already having Coins on their account which was earn referring friend, as in 2018 Laxmi Coin was offering 20 Laxmi Coin per verified user and also by doing some specific task user able to earn some Coins, so most of this user wanted know what will be Laxmi Coin, to answer to Them official already answer this question with Zero, not forever but till its official launching price will zero and after trading starts or ICO begin there your Coins will have some value.

Laxmi Coin Launch Date

on official twitter account is active where they have post update frequently, in which during time of cryptocurrency banned official account was tweeting about status of announcement about cryptocurrency banned, but after it got lifted there was tweet was there related to launch Date, as last update from official was given with first Airdrop ending i.e. on 31st May 2018, so hopefully this Project will launch in year 2020 and started answering all question asked by most of Indians, who desperately wanted know about future of Laxmi Coin.

Laxmi Coin ICO

First airdrop was started in early 2018 in which 1.5% total supply was distributed to user and then there was more to come but officials not yet announced any further news about when it will be happening, as ICO is very important event for most of cryptocurrency launch, as recently SBI Card ISO was one of the most popular event was there where million of user wanted to buy share before it was launched, so there will be huge number of buyer for Laxmi Coin.

Laxmi Coin

How to Buy Laxmi Cryptocurrency

Currently Laxmi Coin not available for trading or buying, as most probably they will choose Indian owned trading platform when it officially launched, as pair will be starting with Laxmi/INR, Laxmi/USD, Laxmi/USD followed as per tradition and popularity, as currently we have different trading platform such as zebpay, BitBns, WazirX, Coinmama, CoinDCX and more.


Laxmi Coin is based on Rover Network with focusing of three aspect i.e. Scalability, Best Security and Nominal fees in which ecosystem will handle thousands of transaction per second, with help of POS billions of devices will be have secured and distributed system and with DDos prevention there will be lower transaction fees.

Final Thoughts

Laxmi Coin will be the good addition to cryptocurrency market because there lots of Indian searching for best cryptocurrency investment point of view, as still XRP is still more popular than Bitcoin because it is low priced cryptocurrency, higher transaction speed and mainly it has low transaction fees in which for micro-payment fees sometimes is nearly equal to zero and considering value Rupees comparing with Dollar is very low and there is always problem while transferring money globally, as there was involvement of banks and governance in which there is huge transaction fees applied, so to overcome this problem launching cryptocurrency which founded in India will help to build more trust within people because due to fraud cases registered in India early 2018, RBI was come to conclusion of banning cryptocurrency but later in court they realise fraud was not done by cryptocurrency itself but it was done by fake companies who promises people give profit when they invest money with them.

As over thousand crore worth frauds detected in India which leads fear in investors mind about cryptocurrency and in that period there was less trading company was there, but now scenario is different because more 100 trading platform are launched and world biggest trading company Binance is now working with India’s biggest trading platform wazirX after almost acquiring them, so there is improvement in security and privacy and also it boost number of transaction in India using cryptocurrency, as WRX coin is leading market and getting number transaction and building name in crypto world with small market cap addition and this will be give tough competition to Laxmi Coin, but they don’t based on any product as

As in the project there is involvement of Government so stay away from fakes news, bookmark us for latest update about cryptocurrency and get more cryptocurrency price prediction.

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